How retailers can deliver a greener Black Friday

Four steps toward sustainable shipping this November and beyond

This year, on 25 November, retail outlets, online marketplaces and e-commerce companies will once again present consumers with a variety of discounted offers.

Ten years ago, Black Friday was a shopping event connected to the Thanksgiving holiday. It was largely ignored outside North America. Today, it is one of the biggest shopping days of the year. In 2021, some 78% of the internet searches relating to Black Friday were from outside the United States (US).[1]

But as the day has grown in popularity, it has increasingly attracted criticism. Campaigners have been quick to point out that an increase in shopping can correspond to an increase in waste. And inevitably, given the extra production, travel to the store and home deliveries, Black Friday has been blamed for a rise in emissions.

Now more than ever, retailers and e-commerce companies need to minimize any environmental impact of their sales. Research shows that 60% of global consumers consider a company’s sustainability record when making a purchasing decision.[2] As consumers expect more from the people they buy from, they are also likely to reward businesses for the steps they take.

As part of their efforts to make Black Friday greener, companies must consider how they can make the delivery of their products as sustainable as possible. After all, some 77% of the money spent on the day is likely to be generated through online purchases.[3]        

This guide explores how businesses can create more sustainable delivery options and work with their customers to reduce emissions. It shows that access to the right carriers and real data on current emissions can help create a “Greener Friday” experience that benefits the planet and helps companies maintain a competitive edge.


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