nShift_Tracking Alerts The complete guide to delivering great parcel tracking and build customer loyalty 

Everything you need to know about last-mile delivery tracking 

When your customers are waiting for their purchases to arrive is a key moment of truth. The better their delivery experience, the more likely it is they will buy again

Parcel Tracking is a vital part of ecommerce delivery management that can enhance customer satisfaction. Real-time visibility into the delivery process can reduce anxiety, increase trust, and meet customer expectations.  

By providing a branded parcel tracking experience, merchants can reinforce brand identity, enhance customer loyalty, and differentiate themselves from competitors. Integrating feedback forms and review requests into the tracking page can provide valuable insights into the customer experience, improve online reputation and reduce WISMO calls


1. Enhance your customers' post purchase experience and optimize the cost-effectiveness of your delivery management solutions

Efficient, customer-centric, cost-effective post-purchase delivery management is essential for e-commerce and retail businesses. It can improve efficiency, customer satisfaction, and cost-effectiveness in your delivery management processes.

Assess your current processes, streamline order processing and dispatch, enhance communication and transparency, leverage data analytics for insights, and enhance the customer's post purchase experience and satisfaction with the best delivery tracking software. 

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Find out the nShift tracking solution can help streamline your deliveries. 


2. The latest trends in ecommerce delivery tracking 

Delivery tracking is a crucial aspect of the e-commerce customer experience. Real-time tracking is increasingly popular, with 66% of consumers wanting it and 75% willing to pay extra for it. Branded tracking alerts and an easy experience improve customer satisfaction and increase brand recognition and loyalty. Alternative delivery options, such as in-store pickup or locker delivery, reduce delivery costs, improve efficiency, and increase customer satisfaction.  

Learn how businesses can increase customer satisfaction and loyalty, reduce customer service inquiries, and ultimately drive growth and success in e-commerce.

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3. Five ways to reduce delivery costs with tracking 

Learn how delivery tracking can save time and money while building customer loyalty.   

  1. Avoiding failed deliveries  
  2. Optimizing routes by analysing tracking data to identify the most efficient delivery routes  
  3. Reducing theft and loss  
  4. Improving customer service and increasing loyalty 
  5. Streamlining operations  

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4. How does order tracking help with delivery management? 

One of the most critical aspects of customer satisfaction for e-commerce businesses is timely and accurate delivery. That's why order tracking is such a crucial tool for e-commerce businesses and retailers, providing real-time updates on the location and status of deliveries.

Read more about the importance of order tracking for e-commerce businesses and how nShift is enhancing the role of tracking in its software. 

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5. How to review data collected by your tracking system 

Tracking systems are essential for effective delivery management, providing valuable data for optimidation and improvement. We explore strategies for reviewing and analysing data collected by tracking systems to unlock insights.

We cover topics such as understanding key data points, performance metrics and KPIs, identifying bottlenecks and inefficiencies, customer insights and satisfaction, and continuous improvement strategies.

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6. How can a branded delivery and tracking experience build customer loyalty? 

A branded experience helps to build customer loyalty by creating an emotional connection between the customer and the brand. A delivery management and tracking system that is clearly owned by the brand can help to build trust and reduce confusion or miscommunication.  

Learn how a branded deliveries and tracking experience can lead to increased revenue higher customer loyalty, and repeat purchases. 

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7. How to choose the right delivery tracking software for your e-commerce shipments 

Choosing the right tracking method is crucial for effective delivery management. Learn about the pros and cons of different tracking technologies. 

  • GPS tracking provides real-time tracking and location-based information but may not be suitable for all delivery scenarios 
  • Barcode scanning is widely used for tracking packages and parcels but may have limitations in certain scenarios 
  • RFID technology is an automated and contactless tracking method that provides improved accuracy, reduced errors, and enhanced security but may be costly to implement 
  • Hybrid approaches combine multiple tracking methods for enhanced accuracy and reliability 

Factors to consider when selecting a tracking method include cost, scalability, integration, ease of use, and specific delivery requirements.  

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8. The future of last mile tracking: trends and innovations shaping the industry 

Discover our top five predictions for how delivery tracking in e-commerce will evolve in the coming years: 

  1. Real-time tracking will become the norm for e-commerce deliveries
  2. Technology will continue to play a leading role in delivery tracking
  3. Data analytics will be used more extensively to optimize delivery routes and improve efficiency
  4. Sustainability will become an increasingly important consideration in delivery tracking
  5. Customer experience will be a key factor in determining the success of delivery-tracking initiatives

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