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Webinar series: Post Purchase Technology Talks

Creating the best customer experience is vital to building profitability and loyalty and is essentially the new battlefield for online retailers in the never-ending competition for customers. What happens after the buy button, the so-called Post Purchase Experience is crucial to the overall online buying experience.

In this webinar series, we talk to nShift partners enabling retailers to provide an excellent Post Purchase experience, explore consumer demands and how these are met through the newest technology.


Positive Impact Delivery by

Allcolibri is a software company enabling companies to embed postive impacts in their product or customer journey. This not only improves customer loyalty but also boosts conversion rates by up to 20%.

Allcolibri's do good feature is integrated to nShift Checkout enabling online retailers to set up delivery options which trigger donations to good causes. Through this Positive Impact Delivery feature, consumers are able to support a wide variety of causes worldwide and see the impact of their donation.

In this webinar, Post Purchase Product Director at nShift, Sean Sherwin Smith talks to Allcolibri Co-founder, Thomas Devilder about how incorporating good deeds in the Post Purchase experience affects the customer experience and ultimately customer loyalty.

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thomas devilder

Thomas Devilder

Co-founder, Allcolibri

Thomas Devilder is a serial entrepreneur founding multiple companies mainly within good causes such as supporting local food suppliers and battling climate change through reforesting. With almost 15 years of experience within these areas holding executive roles, Thomas is passionate about good causes. Since co-founding Allcolibri in 2021, Thomas has been on a mission to empowering companies to embed positive impacts in their product or customer journey - for the climate, humanity and customer loyalty.


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Sean Sherwin-Smith


With 30+ years in final mile technology, product and CX, Sean has a wealth of knowledge and first hand stories to share, helping retailers understand the psychological, commercial and operational advantages that can be created in the post purchase journey. From the very early days of eCommerce, he has helped and advised retailers and carriers how to keep customers engaged after they have clicked the buy button and convert them into loyal brand advocates.