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Welcome to the Mats&Axel E‑commerce Channel

Mats Fischerström and Axel Lindgren work under the name Mats&Axel as E-Commerce Evangelists at nShift. They use their shared experiences from, among other things, e-commerce logistics, technology and business development to help e-retailers, carriers and other industry players with customer journey and delivery experience.

They are frequently hired as lecturers and inspirers and also run Sweden's largest e-commerce vlog "Mats&Axel On-site" where they with the camera in full swing go out into reality and illustrate various aspects of e-commerce.


Mats Fischerström     Mats Fischerström         


Axel Lindgren    Axel Lindgren  

On-site Visit to Cervera in Sweden – Part 01

In this video, Mats&Axel visit the warehouse of e-commerce company, Cervera, to learn about how they succeeded with their omnichannel strategy. 

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On-site Visit to Cervera in Sweden – Part 02

In this video, Mats&Axel visit Cervera's Shop, to learn about how they succeeded with their omnichannel strategy. 

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Mats&Axel On-demand Webinars

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Checkout - How do you maximize your conversion?

nShift your checkout into high gear - the best 'tips & tricks' from Mats&Axel. How many carriers should I have in my checkout? Which ones? And why? In which order? And what are you going to charge? Do I have to have the latest last-mile service or is standard shipping 3-5 days enough?

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10 Tips on how to succeed with delivery

Get delivery right with your Scandinavian customers. This webinar is a must-see for all retailers who are already doing business in Scandinavia or looking to expand their business to this region to get to know your customers and stay on top of consumer demands and market trends.

Delivery Management

Maximize conversions with nShift Checkout

No one likes an abandoned cart. But often putting in the effort and research to see the reason behind it it’s not top priority. We have seen customer experience overtaking price and product as a key brand differentiator. Let’s see how you can use this as a golden opportunity to shine and stand out.



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