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Mats&Axel online hub

nShift's e-commerce experts unlock the secrets of success in e-commerce

Welcome to the Mats&Axel e‑commerce channel

Mats Fischerström and Axel Lindgren work under the name Mats&Axel as e-commerce evangelists at nShift.

They use their shared experiences from e-commerce logistics, technology and business development to help e-retailers, carriers and other industry players with customer journey and delivery experience.

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Mats&Axel videos

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Lindex visit

Mats&Axel meet Susanne Ehnbåge, CEO of lingerie giant Lindex and discuss sustainability, Black Friday and other things

No empty trucks

Mats&Axel meet Manfred from logtech startup Truckbeat, discover a half-empty truck and discuss how to improve utilization of trucks and drivers

Cervera visit (Part 1)

Mats&Axel visit the warehouse of Cervera in Sweden

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Cervera visit (Part 2)

Mats&Axel visit the shop of Cervera in Sweden

How to optimize your conversions

Mats&Axel learn all about conversion from industry guru John Ekman

Talkshow @ D-Congress 2022

Mats&Axel take over D-Congress with their first ever Talkshow

A talk with Peter Iwers

Mats&Axel talk heavy metal with Peter Iwers (ex-In Flames)

How to make deliveries more sustainable

Mats&Axel discuss how the delivery industry can move towards making sustainable deliveries the norm with Josephine Darlington, Project Manager at Aster

Star Republic visit

Mats&Axel visit Bengt Wessborg at Star Republic / SQLI and discover the workings behind their successful brand, while also testing their rock knowledge!

Garbo&Friends visit

Mats&Axel kick off 2022 by visiting Emmelie Johansson, CEO of Garbo&Friends and learn about their way of doing business and selling to over 50 countries!

D-Congress 2021 in review

Curious about Mats&Axel learned at the 2021 edition and what are the 5 trends they find most interesting?

Apotea visit (Part 1)

Mats&Axel get a tour of the warehouse of Apotea in Sweden from CEO Pär Svärdsson

Apotea visit (Part 2)

Mats&Axel continue their tour of the warehouse of Apotea in Sweden

Summary of the home delivery trilogy

It's time to sum up the last few visits to Snusbolaget, Early Bird and Bring.

The home delivery trilogy, part 3: Snusbolaget

An interesting discussion with Jenny Mitts, head of global distribution and 3PL at Snusbolaget, about what home delivery solutions they offer their customers.

The home delivery trilogy, part 2: Early Bird

An interview with Pelle Lönn, CEO - MTD/Early Bird. An interesting discussion about Last Mile/home deliveries and what it takes to make the customers happy.

The home delivery trilogy, part 1: Bring

An interesting interview with Tobias Åbonde, Nordic Director Home Delivery – Bring

A talk with Arne Anderson

An interesting interview with Sweden’s own e-commerce guru, Arne Andersson.

Retail apocalypse part 3: Instabox

Find out if Mats receives his KitchenTime product in time with Instabox

Retail apocalypse part 2: KitchenTime

Mats&Axel visit KitchenTime to see how a pure player has succeeded in e-commerce delivery

Retail apocalypse part 1: The mall

Mats&Axel investigate why shopping malls are becoming more and more deserted

On-demand webinars

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Checkout - How do you maximize your conversion?

nShift your checkout into high gear - the best 'tips & tricks' from Mats&Axel. How many carriers should I have in my checkout? Which ones? And why? In which order? And what are you going to charge? Do I have to have the latest last-mile service or is standard shipping 3-5 days enough?

10 Tips on how to succeed with delivery

Get delivery right with your Scandinavian customers. This webinar is a must-see for all retailers who are already doing business in Scandinavia or looking to expand their business to this region to get to know your customers and stay on top of consumer demands and market trends.

Maximize conversions with nShift Checkout

No one likes an abandoned cart. But often putting in the effort and research to see the reason behind it it’s not top priority. We have seen customer experience overtaking price and product as a key brand differentiator. Let’s see how you can use this as a golden opportunity to shine and stand out.