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Superdry gets super-seamless with nShift

Superdry nShift

Superdry is one of the UK’s most recognisable fashion retailers, with 515 branded locations and 21 websites selling its own manufactured clothes to over 100 countries. Seamless delivery and hassle-free returns form a core part of the company’s promise. nShift ensures they keep it.

Solutions used

nShift Ship integrated with WMS system, Blue Yonder

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The Challenge

High-profile global fashion brand Superdry has a complex distribution channel package that includes e-commerce, bricks-and-mortar stores and a wholesale business. But before 2018, the business was only tracking parcels through e-commerce channels. To optimize the delivery management process, they wanted a system that would give them full track-and-trace visibility of all parcels.

The aim was end-to-end supply chain visibility. Superdry’s Business Transformation and Logistics Director, Gordon Knox, explains: “We already had a system that sees a product through the manufacturing process. We had a freight management system that sees the bulk movement of product into our distribution network. We also had our warehouse management system that looks after the movement of the product through the DC. We wanted to have that track and trace visibility of the product for every order. Getting full visibility of anything that moves within the Superdry network and where it sits in our supply chain is very important.”

One of the key things Gordon and his team were looking for in a multicarrier shipping software solution was the ability to onboard carriers fast. 

A growing international business such as Superdry needs to be able to put carriers onto our platform very quickly. Meanwhile, some of our third-party websites require us contractually to use specific carriers. If that carrier wasn’t on our platform, then we needed to get it added into our platform quickly.

  • Gordon Knox, Business Transformation and Logistics Director at Superdry
Superdry nShift

Superdry network

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The Solution

Through close partnership working between nShift and Superdry, a fully integrated solution with Superdry’s WMS provider, Blue Yonder, was established at DCs in the UK and Europe in under four months.

Gordon Knox, for one, is delighted with the result. “The new system ticks a lot of boxes. Our wholesale, customer service, logistics and e-commerce teams all use it and it’s a one-stop shop.”

As well as enabling Superdry to onboard carriers in new countries much faster than before, the new platform also provides them with much improved reporting capabilities. “Previously, the reporting was not as accurate as it needed to be, so it was very difficult to challenge the carrier with the data that we got from our manager. The data [from nShift] is more accurate and more usable and we’re now working with their team to develop AI and more machine learning capabilities.”

[nShift] is the right fit for our business, as they are agile and able to respond to our brand’s ever-changing business needs, and provide a stable and scalable solution with access to the carriers that we want to work with. Moreover, they have the appetite to develop new concepts and ideas with us. These are all important factors for us, as our strategy is to become a global digital brand through digital supply chains and operational excellence

Gordon Knox, Business Transformation and Logistics Director at Superdry

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