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DeliveryHub delivery management software

Enterprise-grade delivery management platform for scalable growth

Achieve scalable growth and generate incremental revenue

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Delivery truck reaching it's destination

We help customers take control of the customer experience, solve complicated delivery management challenges and own the last mile. These can fully integrate with our checkout and returns solutions as well other software solutions.


Scalable growth

An enterprise-grade delivery management platform that enables customers to achieve scalable growth. It integrates with existing workflow processes and administration tools.


World's largest carrier library

We give access to the world’s largest carrier library, allowing customers to offer a wide variety of delivery options and easily expand across markets.


Enterprise efficiency

Works with customers’ existing infrastructure. Powerful workflows across multiple complex locations and distribution centers. Providing crucial data and analytics to improve performance.

An enterprise-grade delivery management solution

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Take control of the entire delivery process and offer a better customer experience.

World's largest carrier library

Automate the carrier booking process, easily choose from the world’s largest carrier library

Print quickly

Print any label or document quickly and easily

Total visibility

Track orders and follow every parcel’s journey from beginning to end

More delivery options

Make delivery more convenient by adding options such as click and collect

Own the last mile

Take control of the last mile and create more sustainable delivery options

A bespoke solution

Tailor the tools to suit the most sophisticated needs

Seamless Integrations

Integrate with other enterprise software platforms

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Driving value for customers

We are the global leaders in delivery management and a strategic growth partner. This enables our customers to deliver a better customer experience, improve customer satisfaction, provide a full range of delivery options, create new revenue opportunities and develop sustainable delivery options.
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  • Incremental revenue
    Creating new sales opportunities
  • Better customer experience
    Reduce support calls by up to 60%
  • Brand reputation and loyalty
    Repeat purchase and recommendation
  • Data-driven insight
    Gain new information about deliveries
  • Strategic growth enable
    Being ready for the next growth step
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Our CEO, Lars Dige Pedersen, gives an overview of
who we are and how we support our customers

Shipping Insurance

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Shipping Insurance - DeliveryHub 1

Recover all your losses

Worried about the cost of lost or damaged parcels? Use the Click’n’Claim feature to insure every delivery. All carriers, destinations and shipment types. Complete peace of mind.

Shipping Insurance - DeliveryHub 2

Claim in a couple of clicks

Click’n’Claim instantly calculates and displays the premium for your approval. So you don’t have to waste any time on the phone to insurance companies or carriers.


48 hours to compensation

Forget long, drawn-out damage claims. Compensation will be transferred from our insurance partner to your account in two days or less.

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