An expert in providing delivery services and final mile deliveries, Colissimo does everything in its power to ensure fast parcel deliveries of under 30 kg to the homes of your customers but also to local stores, parcel facilities and post offices. Colissimo handles around 1 million parcels per day and up to 2,5 million in busy periods thanks to our 15 parcel platforms. They offer a comprehensive range of 48-hour home and alternative pick up location services in France and Belgium.


Available Services

Colissimo Domicile - sans signature

Colissimo Domicile - avec signature

Colissimo – Point Retrait – Pickup ou consigne

Colissimo Ship from Store

Colissimo Return France

Colissimo Return International

Colissimo Eco OM

Colissimo Expert International

Colissimo – Point Retrait – en point relais

Colissimo - Point Retrait – en bureau de poste

Out Of Home – Pickup Point

Out Of Home – Pickup Station/Lockers

Home - without signature

Home - with signature

Out Of Home – at Post Office

Return International

Expert International

Eco OM

Return OM

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Origin Countries

  • France


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