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Aditro Logistics grows bigger and better with nShift

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Aditro Logistics is the largest carrier-independent 3PL company in the Nordics, with about 100 customers across industry, retail and the grocery sector. As they continue their strong expansion in the region, they need a flexible carrier platform that supports rapid growth.

Products used

nShift DeliveryHub and Scan App

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The challenge

With a long list of customers including Björn Borg, Lexington, Cervera, Hemtex, Silva and Venue Retail Group, Aditro Logistics operates four large warehouses in Norway and Sweden as well as 10 smaller branch warehouses.

It is a major operation – and any downtime or disruption is a threat to profitability. So, as the business rapidly expands, the Aditro Logistics team needs to be confident that it can maintain functionality, reliability and speed. That’s why they use nShift DeliveryHub.


The solution

nShift DeliveryHub

Used in all warehouses


Jeeves, Astro WMS, Ongoing WMS

Scan App

Improves track and trace

The results

nShift DeliveryHub helps Aditro Logistics pursue their ambitious growth strategy in two important ways. First, it gives them access to the world’s largest carrier library, so they can add new carriers wherever and whenever they need. Second, it enables them to manage ever-growing volumes of deliveries faster, more accurately and at reduced cost.

As the company’s Transport Director, Frederik Krysen explains: “Our customers experience fewer errors in deliveries due to better tracking and control as well as a higher delivery speed. Carriers are pleased that we use [nShift], as we are able to handle their demands for updated routes, formats, products, validation and so on. This means that carriers do not have to wait for us and that we do not ship to wrong addresses.”

Aditro Logistics has also benefited greatly from the use of our free scanning tool, Scan App, which makes it easier to track and trace deliveries as they move through the system. Plus they can now offer customers the convenience of booking return shipments directly through nShift DeliveryHub.

“With the world’s largest carrier library, we can quickly and easily select the carrier we need or add new carriers in line with our expansion. The functionality, reliability and print speed gives us a solid delivery foundation, where we do not lose money on downtime or slow print of labels."

 Fredrik Krysén, Transport Director at Aditro Logistics

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