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Atea gets total control of inbound packages with nShift


Receiving and distributing hundreds of inbound packages a day is no easy feat – especially if you’re attempting to do it by hand. So Atea decided to automate the process with nShift. And now they’re in complete control.

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The Challenge

Atea is the leading provider of IT infrastructure solutions in the Nordic and Baltic region with NOK 40 billion in revenue and more than 7,000 employees.

Every day, the company receives many packages at its Oslo head office. Without a professional, automated system the situation can be difficult to control, with couriers running around all over the building and packages regularly getting mislaid or lost.

So, having seen the benefits it brought to their outbound delivery management, Atea decided to try nShift out for their internal logistics as well.


The Solution

Atea has based its entire internal logistics system on Scan App – an app ready for download and installation on any smartphone. The app is free, so there is no need for costly investments. You use your smartphone to scan the barcode, which is automatically stored in nShift in the cloud.

Thanks to Scan App and nShift, Head of logistics at Atea, Pål Bråthen, now has full control over each and every package delivered to all employees at the company’s main branch. On receipt, all packages are registered using Scan App on a smartphone. A new barcode is assigned to them, and they can subsequently be tracked by the recipient.

The moment a package arrives at Atea’s goods reception unit, it is registered and an email or SMS is automatically generated and sent to inform the recipient that the package has arrived. Employees expecting urgent consignments can go straight to the logistics center on the first floor to collect the package.

The Results

The new system has put Atea in total control of all deliveries to the premises, according to Pål Bråthen. He explains: “Receipt is acknowledged for all packages when collected, so if you are wondering what happened to your package, you just check its history. And when packages have been lying around for too long, we can easily remind the recipients to pick up their packages, allowing us to free up more space.”

“We are very pleased with our system,” he continues. “Looking ahead, I could not imagine a situation without it.”

In fact, the system has proved so successful in Atea’s main branch that it is now being rolled out in other locations, including their Brobekk warehouse in Oslo and local offices in Bergen, Stavanger and Trondheim.


We are very pleased with our system. We were already using [nShift] for outbound packages when we decided to also try it out for internal logistics. Looking ahead, I could not imagine a situation without this overview.

Pål Bråthen, Head of logistics for Atea

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