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Princess doubles sales by expanding delivery options with nShift


Norwegian linens giant, Princess, has increased sales online and instore by expanding the delivery options customers are offered – and nShift has helped make it all possible.

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The Challenge

Kai Gulbrandsen, CEO of Norwegian linens giant, Princess, believes that enabling your customers to shop where and how they want is critical to success in retail today. As he points out: “76% of the customers who visit our physical stores check our products online beforehand.” This, he explains, is why it is so important that the company’s online shop and physical stores can work together, providing customers with as many delivery options as possible.


The Solution

Thanks to nShift, Princess can now offer their online customers more delivery options including the option to pick up in store. They have also been able to digitize their delivery process from warehouse to customer and from warehouse to store to customer.


The Results

“When we introduced the book-online, pick-up-instore concept, our online sales increased by almost 100% the same day,” says Kai Guldbrandsen, CEO at Princess. “At the same time, sales in our physical stores also increased.”

But increased delivery options and sales is not the only benefit nShift has brought. Princess is also now able to send parcels faster, get a better overview of pick-up orders and provide customers with more accurate information about their deliveries. “Customers want information about their online orders all the way from warehouse to end delivery, and we automatically provide this with nShift. This is much more professional and efficient than before, when we called from the store to tell customers that their parcels were ready for pickup.”

Today, competition is not just about product range and prices but also about logistics. With nShift, we can compete on delivery options, track and trace and parcel transport.

Kai Gulbrandsen, CEO at Princess


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