Preventing abandoned baskets, using quality delivery

Preventing abandoned baskets, using quality delivery

For retailers, there’s nothing worse than the customer getting to the final stage of checkout, and then abandoning the basket. Often, this can come from the delivery options offered, as customers might be hit with surprise costs, long waits, or be unsure about whether to trust the delivery methods offered. Ensuring that companies offer high quality ecommerce delivery options, along with a variety, can help customers in their journey, ensuring they’re not lost at the final stage of checkout.

We asked 1,000 shoppers whether they’ve ever abandoned an online purchase at the checkout stage, due to delivery concerns. The results were astounding, with over half of people saying that they had, in 2021. The trend line shows us that the number of people who answered ‘yes’ has generally been increasing since 2015, dropping between 2018-20, then exhibiting a large spike in the last year. So, what are people concerned about when they’re selecting delivery at the final stages?

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Have you or people in your household ever abandoned an online purchase at the checkout stage specifically because of delivery concerns or issues?

(Source: Maru, nShift and IMRG Home Delivery Report)   


It seems that the most common irritation for shoppers was that the cost of delivery made the overall purchase too expensive. It seems commonplace that retailers are expected to consistently offer free delivery, therefore it’s a pitfall when a customer gets to the checkout, and realizes they need to pay. The other two most common qualms, were that there was no free delivery option, or there weren’t convenient options offered. Once again, there’s a focus on price, and free delivery coming to the forefront, as well as worries about the convenience of the delivery process. On the positive side, it turns out that the last of anyone’s worries was catching COVID from their deliveries, and the hygiene of the process. This suggests that whilst the pandemic has affected our lives in huge ways, most people still feel positive and trusting towards their delivery staff when it comes to safety measures.

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(Source: Maru, nShift and IMRG Home Delivery Report) 


It can be concluded from the data, that in order to prevent customers abandoning their basket at the final stage of checkout, retailers must ensure they’re offering premium delivery. This can be done by utilizing premium delivery management software, to fulfil orders. Customers want the option for cheap, if not free, delivery, alongside convenience when it comes to receiving their deliveries. This means that retailers must be able to provide a smooth and seamless experience from start to finish.

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