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nShift has helped giant Nordic sports retailer, XXL, implement RFID technology as part of its shipping process so that it can send parcels to its stores with greater speed and accuracy than ever before.

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The Challenge

Since 2018, Nordic sports retailer, XXL, has been using Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) labels on the small parcels it ships from its Oslo warehouse to customers across Norway. RFID is a wireless technology that, when placed in a label, makes it possible to identify objects and transfer data automatically, without having to hand scan the parcel.

Having seen RFID in action, XXL Logistics Manager, Kim Andre Nilsen, was keen to use the technology for “pick up in store” orders as well, not only to ensure customers’ orders arrived at the right store but also to remove the manual scanning routines that are both a drain on resources and a potential source of errors.


XXL in Norway

Oslo warehouse
RFID-labeled parcels sent every day

The Solution

There has been a lot of talk about the use of RFID in the transport and logistics industry in recent years. Now, many companies with freight needs are also showing interest. So, here at nShift, we’ve partnered with Lyngsoe Systems to deliver a standard RFID solution that can be easily incorporated into the shipping process.

Since implementing nShift and Lyngsoe Systems’ RFID solution, XXL has seen significant improvements to the accuracy and speed of deliveries from its warehouse to its stores. Kim Andre Nilsen explains: “We just run a pallet of RFID-labeled parcels under the RFID scanner here at the warehouse before dispatch to store. The RFID scanner scans all parcels on a pallet at once, and they are automatically registered, validated and status updated. That way, we immediately spot if there are parcels on the pallet that should not be there. It reduces misdeliveries and provides faster delivery.”


How it Works

  1.     XXL books shipment and prints an RFID label via nShift Ship.

  2.     XXL sorts RFID-labeled parcels by destination.

  3.     XXL scans entire pallet of RFID-labeled parcels with RFID scanner and updates parcel status.

  4.     Lyngsoe Systems validates the destinations of the parcels and determines whether there are parcels that should not be on the pallet.

  5.     XXL sends pallet directly to XXL store, where the pallet is scanned and the individual parcels are automatically registered and validated and their status is updated.

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