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Somfy nShift
Somfy nShift

As the world leader in motors for awnings, blinds and other openings and closures, Somfy ships hundreds of thousands of products to customers all over the globe. nShift helps them manage deliveries quickly and easily, saving many hours in their warehouses across Europe.

Products used

nShift DeliveryHub integrated with ERP system, Baan.

The challenge

Founded in its current form in France in 1969, Somfy is now a truly global organization with subsidiaries and offices across five continents and a complex logistics flow comprising four main logistics centers and several smaller local warehouses.

Before 2011, they were sending EDI data to carriers directly through their ERP system, Baan, with integrations that they developed themselves. The problem was that they had to adapt the integration whenever the carriers made any changes, however small – and this meant the system was hard to maintain. Switching carriers and adding new ones also required a lot of time and effort.

Somfy needed a new, more flexible way to manage their shipments.

Somfy nShift

Somfy and nShift


relationship begins


main logistics centers using nShift software


shipments managed each year

The results

Somfy has implemented nShift’s delivery platform in a number of warehouses and logistics centers across Europe.

Cedric Poupon, Logistics IT Project Manager, explains the impact nShift has had in Somfy’s Italian warehouse: “We have saved many hours in labor, as we went from a manual process to a fully automated one.” In the German warehouse, meanwhile, the adoption of nShift has meant that, “…we are now able to change carriers much easier and faster than before.”

"First and foremost, [nShift] ensures easy management of our deliveries. However, another crucial point for us was the ease of changing carriers and implementing new ones. With [nShift’s] huge carrier library, it is as easy as flicking a light switch."

Cedric Poupon, Logistics IT Project Manager at Somfy


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