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Prime Cargo tops reliability scale with nShift

Prime Cargo nShift

By using nShift, international 3PL company, Prime Cargo, is able to process shipments for their B2C and B2B customers with greater speed, efficiency and reliability.

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nShift Ship

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The Challenge

Prime Cargo uses various carriers and delivery methods to ship goods from point of manufacture in the Far East to customers all over the world.

When packing and dispatching parcels from their warehouses in Denmark and Poland, they need reliable systems that work effectively across national borders and that can cope with peak loads during high season.

Prime Cargo nShift

Uptime is close to 100% and if any challenges arise the [nShift] support team are permanently on standby to resolve problems.

Peter Slatcher, Logistics Manager at Prime Cargo


The Solution

nShift is fully integrated into Prime Cargo’s WMS system, so operators do not need to access the platform directly. Here’s how the process works from beginning to end.

  1. The sender sends data to Prime Cargo about the end recipient’s order and which carrier services are to be used. 
  2. Prime Cargo receive the data in their WMS system and then pick the goods and print a shipping label via nShift Ship by scanning the order ID.
  3. Once the freight label is put on the parcel, nShift automatically sends data to the sender confirming that Prime Cargo has picked and packed the goods as well as sending data to the carrier about which parcels need to be picked up.
  4. The carrier collects the sender’s parcels at Prime Cargo and scans the freight label to update the parcels’ track and trace status.
  5. The carrier delivers the parcel to the recipient and scans the freight label to mark the parcel as delivered in track and trace.

The Results

Since implementing the delivery management platform in 2013, Prime Cargo has seen a huge reduction in hours spent on the shipping process. Logistics Manager, Peter Slatcher explains: “Before, we coded our own labels for the different carrier products in our WMS system, which was time-consuming due to continuous updates from the carriers. Today, [nShift] does all this, so we instead are able to focus on what we do best.”

[The nShift platform] is always updated with the latest product offerings from carriers, which means that we are able to offer a huge portfolio of carrier services.

Peter Slatcher, Logistics Manager at Prime Cargo

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