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Stihl saves 1,000 hours a year with nShift


From its vast warehouse in Stenkullen, Sweden, world-renowned tool manufacturer, Stihl ships goods throughout the Nordics. nShift Ship helps them deliver to customers with the same quality and professionalism associated with their tools.

Solutions used

nShift Ship integrated with their ERP system, Navision

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The Challenge

Founded by Andreas Stihl in 1926, the German brand Stihl has become synonymous with best-in-class technology around the world. But the delivery management system they were using to manage their shipments in the Nordics (which can reach 10,000-12,000 per month in high season) was not achieving the excellent standards the company is used to.

IT Manager, Peter Hermansson, explains: “We needed a system that was professional and a complete concept that could show us statistics and invoices on our shipments, and that could be implemented immediately.”

One major pain point was dangerous goods, where the team were having to spend large amounts of time writing out the required freight labels by hand.

We can now notify customers about their goods through track and trace, and we can easily keep track of shipping costs with all the available data and statistics… In short, our delivery is more stable and professional with [nShift].

  • Peter Hermansson, IT Manager at Stihl

Delivery management at Stihl

shipments a year
warehouse in Stenkullen
hours/year saved with nShift

The Results

Since implementing nShift Ship, Stihl has seen a measurable increase in speed and quality of delivery, particularly when it comes to dangerous goods. Peter Hermansson explains: “[Now] we automatically print these labels, saving us two to three minutes in processing time per order – and if you have 70 dangerous goods shipments a day, this is big savings.

Other benefits Stihl is enjoying include automatic transfer of shipping data to carriers, easy access to delivery management statistics, and the chance to gain a detailed overview of shipping costs. Last but not least, the business and their customers are now getting all the advantages of track and trace.

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