Navigating a Sustainable Future: Unveiling nShift Emissions Tracker


Join our exclusive webinar on the nShift Emissions Tracker

Welcome to our webinar series dedicated to environmental sustainability!

Learn why measuring emissions is crucial for a greener future.

Discover the cutting-edge nShift Emissions Tracker and its current capabilities.


1. Why Measure Emissions?
  • Understand the environmental impact
  • Stay compliant with regulations
  • Foster corporate responsibility

2. Introducing nShift Emissions Tracker
  • Overview of the solution
  • Real-world applications and success stories

3. Current Capabilities Showcase
  • Live demo of the product in action

4. Future Innovations in 2024
  • Sneak peek into upcoming features


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fredrik lindhagen BW

Fredrik Lindhagen

Product Director TMS at nShift

Fredrik has 12+ years of experience within the shipping industry. At nShift his responsibility is in developing our Transport Management Solution as well as evolving the Emissions Dashboard allowing customers to keep track of and reduce their CO2 emissions.