QUIZ solves its return challenge with software partner nShift

QUIZ solves its return challenge with software partner nShift

Scottish-based fashion brand expects to save 25-30% in staff time by using nShift Returns

British clothing company, QUIZ, expects to deliver over two million packages by the end of next year. Higher volumes of shipments inevitably lead to higher volumes of returns, and if not managed efficiently, this can become expensive and time-consuming to manage.

To help it achieve its target, QUIZ has extended its partnership with nShift, the global leader in parcel delivery management software. QUIZ began working with nShift in 2020, using its Delivery management service. It has now added nShift Returns to its portfolio to more effectively manage the rate of parcel returns - an issue that is faced by fashion retailers throughout the sector.

Research shows that between 30 and 40% of clothes bought online are returned to the seller. With more of us than ever shopping online, it’s vital that returns are managed as efficiently as possible. Data from analytics company GlobalData predicts that by next year, the returns market in the UK will cost businesses £5.6 billion pounds.

“We wanted something that's dynamic and can be tracked all the way through the delivery and returns process”, said Haroun Saleemi, head of e-commerce, QUIZ. “The systems we have at the moment are dated and are not designed for the volume or velocity of orders going through our system - especially when you consider the level of service quality our customers expect.”

The combination of both using nShift Book & Print and Returns is expected to realize huge improvements to QUIZ. It anticipates saving 25-30% in staff time alone due to expected reductions in time handling both ‘'Where is my order’ and ‘where is my return’ queries from customers. This will enable its customer service teams to dedicate more time to customer care and be more proactive in spotting and mitigating any issues helping to improve the customer experience as a result.

The addition of nShift Returns will provide notifications to each customer on precisely where their return is in the process while dynamic tracking numbers mean QUIZ will have visibility of every step of the delivery and returns process - something it has not previously been able to do. The addition of nShift Returns also means QUIZ can provide QR codes from the different carriers to customers enabling freedom of choice in return options.

Richard Anderson, Chief Customer Officer, nShift said, “Customers want choice in how, when and where their orders are delivered and have high expectations of a seamless returns process. But giving customers the delivery and returns experience they demand risks becoming costly and time-consuming for the brand.  With nShift, brands like QUIZ can automate the book and print process and more easily offer a digital returns experience which is more convenient for customers and easier for warehouses to manage.”

The move to digitizing labels in delivery and returns is also the first step in QUIZ going paperless - an objective it expects to achieve by late 2023. This is because it will remove the need for printing in the packing process and the associated printer requirements and maintenance.


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About QUIZ

QUIZ was founded in 1993 and began trading with 3 stores in Scotland. The business model proved extremely successful and more stores have since been opened year on year. QUIZ has now grown to over 150 stores and concessions within major shopping centers and high streets across the UK. With over 60 franchises in Europe and Asia the QUIZ brand has also grown successfully worldwide.



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