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Sustainability sells:

How to win over customers

Win over customers with sustainable measures and practices

30% of consumers choose brands that showcase environmentally-friendly practices or values. In this webinar, sustainability expert and Green Retail World Founder, Ben Sillitoe, presents best practice in retail on how to utilize tech to implement sustainable strategies and practices into your business enabling you to win the race for customers this year.

Sustainability sells, it is as simple as that.

Why sustainability in retail matters?



  • 30% of consumers choose brands that showcase environmentally-friendly practices.
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  • 68% of consumers have made a conscious effort to be more sustainable.


  • all industries have a shared responsibility in the fight against climate changes.


ben sillitoe

Ben Sillitoe
Founder & Editor of Green Retail World


With 13+ years of writing, editing, public speaking and hosting events concerning the retail sector, Ben is an expert in this field and knows what is demanded and trending. Having founded Green Retail World, Ben is dedicated to monitoring and sharing the latest developments and best practices within eco-friendly retailing.

What we cover:

  • What consumers demand from brands on sustainability
  • How utilizing tech supports retailers in becoming more sustainable
  • Best practice: 6 retailers combining tech and sustainability

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