How delivery management must drive value for customers & partners

How delivery management must drive value for customers & partners

We have launched a new suite of solutions to help retailers and warehouses stay ahead of the game!

At nShift we’re committed to driving growth and value for our customers and partners. We do this with technologies that can help retailers, webshops, and warehouses retain customers and grow, even as consumer expectations become higher.

That’s why we’re launching a new delivery management suite.  We’re helping our customers and partners move quicker, open new revenue streams, and identify with purpose-driven consumers.

Consumer expectations: staying ahead of the game

Shoppers of all ages expect to get what they want, when they want it. They assume that the entire experience will be consumer friendly. They want relevant communications on the channels that they use every day.  And now more than ever, they are determined to do business with companies that mirror their ethical and ecological values.

nShift can help brands meet these expectations head-on. Here’s how:

  1. We help our customers and partners move faster – we can enable them to scale up and reach new markets with relevant software solutions. Consumer-friendly interfaces that ensure the look and feel of their brand is embedded in the customer experience, from checkout to returns.  Relevant communications tools that empower retailers to contact shoppers at each stage of the delivery journey, on the channels that suit today’s shoppers
  2. Opening up new revenue streams and reducing risk – increasing conversions through an improved experience at checkout, cutting admin costs, and turning more returns into exchanges. Providing customers with data that helps drive business performance.  Helping businesses hold on to revenue by converting more returns to exchanges
  3. Empowering our customers to be purpose driven – by balancing the choice between cost and emissions. Offering eco-friendly delivery options is no longer enough.  They have to be clearly badged to enable the consumer to quickly make a decision that fits their values.  And retailers and logistics providers need real information about their current emissions so that they can develop meaningful strategies to reduce them

Enhancing our offer: a new suite of software solutions

Our new solutions will enable retailers and web shops to create, improve and scale up an end-to-end delivery experience, from checkout to deliveries, and return.  We will enable them to better communicate with their own consumers throughout the process and target shoppers with new marketing messages at a time when they are most engaged with the brand.

nShift_Checkout MobileCheckout – a solution that fully integrates with web shops to facilitate a range of delivery options. nShift Checkout enables web shops to clearly badge different delivery items such as sustainable or express delivery.  It also helps retailers identify themselves with their customers’ values by setting up and promoting offsetting and charitable donations schemes

nShift_Delivery-1Ship – Enterprise-grade delivery management software which provides solutions to complex label printing and carrier booking challenges. nShift Ship, formerly called DeliveryHub, gives access to the world’s largest carrier library so customers can offer a wide variety of delivery options and easily expand across markets

nShift_Transport Management - TrackingTrack – a cutting-edge customer experience that builds loyalty with shoppers. nShift Track can cut support calls by 60%.  It creates new, highly engaged marketing channels for retailers by connecting with customers when they are most engaged with the brand and products

nShift_Returns-1Returns – a consumer-friendly reverse logistics solution that helps convert 30% of returns to exchanges by making the process easier for shoppers. nShift Returns makes it easier for shoppers to understand how to return items, making it more likely that they will purchase the product in the first place. It also helps warehouses drastically cut down on order processing time by digitalizing the process  

Retailers continue to face a world of constant change. These changes are shaking up supply chains and creating new challenges for logistics providers. 

At nShift, we are committed to helping customers stay ahead of the game. 

That is why we’re continuing to invest heavily in innovation and future proof our solutions.

Our new-look suite gets new customers up and running as quickly as possible.  It works well with complex infrastructures.

We would love to talk more with retailers and warehouses about staying ahead of the game with delivery management.  Contact us to arrange a demonstration or find out more.

Lars Pedersen, CEO at nShift


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