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My Parcels collaborates with iBoxen for outdoor delivery boxes

My Parcels collaborates with iBoxen for outdoor delivery boxes

iBoxen is building a never seen before nationwide infrastructure for outdoor delivery boxes in Sweden, that are available around the clock. This means that all of Sweden’s 4.7 million households – in both rural and urban areas – will be able to easily and conveniently pick up and return their packages via a delivery box near their home or where they pass daily – regardless of where they buy their goods and which carrier they use. iBoxen’s infrastructure is open to all carriers on the market and now iBoxen partners with the market-leading parcel tracking app My Parcels.

All packages that are sent to iBoxen's delivery boxes will be easily trackable in the My Parcels app. My Parcels has millions of users, who track hundreds of thousands of parcels daily, and the app is an important part of the Nordic ecosystem for e-commerce.

Today, end consumers can track parcels from more than 20 different carriers in My Parcels. By the year 2026, iBoxen will ensure that all Swedish households have a delivery box near their home or where they pass daily. As of now, it is possible to track your parcels destined for iBoxen’s delivery boxes via My Parcels.

“All Swedish consumers who shop regularly online use the My Parcels app to track their orders. For us, it is important to reach the end consumer regardless of which carrier they use. Therefore, it is a matter of course for us to enter into a collaboration with nShift, the company behind My Parcels, says Anders Holm, CCO and Co-founder at iBoxen.

”With two carrier-neutral players in place, who jointly make it even easier for all of us who shop online, it really feels like a win-win situation”, says Axel Lindgren e-commerce expert at nShift.

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