Top 5 benefits customers experience from using a Delivery Management system

Top 5 benefits customers experience from using a Delivery Management system

By Fredrik Warmark, Key Account Manager at nShift

After working more than 10 years in nShift and legacy company Unifaun, I will would like to share with you the top 5 benefits my customers have experienced by using a Delivery Management System for their shipments.


1. Access to a big carrier library drives checkout conversion and reduces freight costs 

50% of consumers abandon a checkout due to a lack of delivery options, why having a wide range of convenient options to choose from drives conversion. In order to meet consumers’ demands for a variety of delivery options, it is beneficial for retailers to have access to a big carrier library enabling quick connectivity to preferred carriers.  

Talking about easy and fast carrier connectivity, this also drives the benefit of transferring correct EDI data to carriers, as incorrect EDI leads to additional freight cost for retailers. Read more about this in my colleague Johan Hellman’s blog Why homemade carrier connectivity isn’t a winning strategy.   

Ensuring correct EDI transfer is not the only way to keep freight costs at a minimum. Using multiple carriers for shipping, we also see that our customers are able to reduce freight costs in 3 ways: 

  • Automatically allocate carriers for shipments based on who is best suited and cheapest;
  • Bulking shipments and choosing local carriers for cross border shipping;
  • Ability to negotiate better freight prices with carriers.


2. Easy integration of your back-end system saving you time and money 

A seamless integration between systems relieves you of manual re-entry of order information when producing shipping labels. If systems are integrated correctly, your shipping labels can be printed automatically without even entering your delivery management system. This means you also reduce the risk of human errors and speed up the handling of deliveries. 

nShift integrates to more than 100 ERP, WMS and OMS platforms utilizing state of the art integration methods while simultaneously offering standardized plugins to your preferred ecommerce system.


3. Reducing WISMO calls and improving customer experience 

Customers want to know the status and expected delivery time of their online orders. By offering track & trace and notifying your customers about their delivery time, you not only get happy and satisfied customers, you also reduce the number of calls to your customer service. By using nShift’s software our customers experience up to 60% reduction in customer support calls. 

Ongoing tracking throughout the delivery journey incl. notifications sent by e-mail, SMS or social media triggered by delivery events, branded tracking pages and tracking apps such as nShift’s My Parcels app are all part of what consumers demand from retailers today. 


4. Up 20% increase in conversions by offering attractive delivery checkout options  

As many as 90% of consumers evaluate delivery options before purchasing online. This makes delivery options a competitive parameter for not only B2C, but in nShift we also see the demand for attractive delivery options increase within B2B and D2C.  

With nShift’s plug and play Checkout module, our customers are up and running with offering delivery choice at the checkout in no time. The results we see from customers using nShift Checkout is that they experience up to 20% increase in conversions at checkout.


5. Attractive return options and digitized handling 

1 in 3 items purchased in online shops is returned. Each return costs around £20 to process. By having a system in place like nShift, you can save money, reduce handling time and create better experiences for your customers by digitizing your returns process. 

With nShift’s Returns solution, our customers are able the cut the steps in handling returns in half by removing manual steps like customers filling out a return note, contacting customer service and retailers updating admin system and stock inventory. Also, nShift Returns enables retailers to offer refunds and exchange of products, where the latter allows retailers to retain revenue and customers by making exchanges as easy as possible. Results from our customers show, that up to 30% of all their returns become repurchases. 

If you are interested in learning more about our different delivery management products and how they can help optimize your shipping processes and reduce costs, contact us below.

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