Pick-up points and lockers: A key trend for the future of delivery?

Pick-up points and lockers: A key trend for the future of delivery?

During the pandemic, most people became very familiar with ordering deliveries to their home, as working-from-home grew as a trend. However, now that the world has opened up again, and everyone’s beginning to enjoy the beginning of spring, and the freedom of the outside world, we’re looking to the future, in order to understand what life will look like after the pandemic. When it comes to pick-up points, and lockers, these options are expanding across various countries, with companies such as Amazon increasing their delivery options. What role do these alternative delivery locations play in the future of shipping?

In our annual home delivery survey, with IMRG, we asked 1,000 UK consumers which delivery option would be preferred, when excluding home delivery. This was to find out what key trends might emerge in the future, and how retailers can stay ahead of customer demand. Interestingly, the most popular answer was to click and collect from a shop (38%), followed closely by ‘other’ (37%). Almost 15% of people would like to try delivery to work, or collecting from a locker, or another location. Consumers may be more open minded to different delivery locations in the future, than we think.

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And looking ahead to the future what delivery option do you think will be your most preferred option?

(Source: Maru, nShift and IMRG Home Delivery Report)


One of the main benefits of pick-up points, and lockers, is the sustainability of these methods. Whilst plenty of customers are open-minded to click and collect from a variety of locations, such as shops or lockers, a key angle for both retailers, and consumers alike, is the benefit that this method has on the environment.

We asked 1,000 UK consumers about their attitudes to carbon-friendly shipping, with the question, ‘If a carbon–friendly delivery alternative was available, would you choose it over a traditional method?’. Across the many years we’ve conducted this survey, the majority has always been firmly ‘yes’, as between 60-80% of people would opt for a more environmentally conscious option.

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If a carbon–friendly delivery alternative was available, would you choose it over a traditional method?

(Source: Maru, nShift and IMRG Home Delivery Report) 


The role that pick-up points play in the future could be a big one, as they offer customers a more sustainable alternative to deliveries to their home. This is because the driver doesn’t need to drive to each individual person’s house, but instead, can leave many packages at one location, therefore saving fuel.

However, the reality of whether customers are willing to travel to get their delivery, or by doing so are burning more fuel themselves, could complicate the issue. Pick-up locations and lockers are a great option for those going to their offices, or where the locker is en-route to their destination anyway. This delivery option is definitely one to watch, as we live increasingly fast-paced lives, consumers may be looking for easy, and sustainable pick-up of their goods.

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