3 ways to deliver sustainably

3 ways to deliver sustainably

In this blog, we’ll be taking a look at three different ways which retailers can offer a more sustainable delivery experience. With a growing number of customers looking for eco friendly options when shopping, it’s becoming increasingly important that retailers don’t lose them at the last stage of the buying process. Data from IMRG and nShift’s 2021 home delivery report shows that out of 1,000 respondents, over 70% would theoretically choose a carbon-friendly alternative over a traditional method.

1. Pick up points and lockers

Pick up points and lockers are a great solution for keeping the environmental impacts of delivery low. Drivers will no longer need to carry out a route around all the different addresses, but instead customers will have the option to pick up their parcel on a route they were taking anyway (for example on the way to work, or walking to a local post office). 

2. Carbon friendly vehicles

Low emission vehicles are becoming increasingly popular as a means of reducing the carbon footprint of a retail companies. Many couriers are using electric vehicles such as motorbikes and vans for transporting their goods, therefore reducing the impact on air pollution. 

3. Using sustainable packaging

Sustainable packaging is a simple and effective solution to eco-friendly delivery. Retailers can source recycled carboard, and recyclable materials to keep their goods protected whilst in transit. Through giving these materials a second life, emissions and landfill waste is reduced.

To conclude, there are some simple switches which retailers can make to ensure that their delivery methods are sustainable, and environmentally friendly. This way, shoppers are more likely to convert to checkout when they have the option to use a sustainable delivery choice.

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