nShift expands post-purchase options for merchants with nShift Track

nShift expands post-purchase options for merchants with nShift Track

New solution turns delivery tracking into retention opportunities


nShift, the global leader in parcel delivery management software, today announces nShift Track, an enterprise-grade delivery tracking platform.  nShift Track enables merchants to offer outstanding post-purchase customer experiences, building customer loyalty and accelerating their growth. 

Some 78% of consumers will abandon brands and retailers if they fail to receive regular updates about the status of their parcel delivery.[1]  nShift Track enables merchants to offer a fully branded post-purchase experience and facilitates dialogue with customers where they live their digital lives.

Key features of nShift Track include:

  • Branded tracking portal and mobile app (via nShift MyParcels mobile app) for delivery updates, returns policies, and more
  • Multi-channel delivery status communications via customers’ preferred messaging channel, e.g. social media, messaging apps, SMS, or email
  • 60 percent reductions in “where is my order” (WISMO) support calls
  • “Control room” oversight of all deliveries, so retailers can pinpoint delivery hold-ups and proactively offer alternatives to customers

Sean Sherwin-Smith, Post-purchase Product Director at nShift said, “Simply getting updates on their parcel delivery isn’t enough for most consumers.  Savvy shoppers expect to receive communication through the apps and social channels that they use in everyday life, not the ones their retailers insist on.  And they expect all of it to look as professional and slick as the web shop they bought from.”

“We have developed nShift Track to enable retailers to meet customers’ expectations across checkout, delivery and, if needed, returns.  As a result, we can enable retailers to build closer relationships with their customers.”

nShift Track is part of a portfolio of enterprise-grade solutions that empower retailers and web shops to create an end-to-end delivery experience:

  • Checkout – a solution that fully integrates with web shops to facilitate a range of delivery options
  • Ship – enterprise-grade delivery management software which provides solutions to complex label printing and carrier booking challenges. nShift Ship was previously called “DeliveryHub” and is designed to work seamlessly with nShift Track
  • Returns – a consumer-friendly reverse logistics solution which helps convert 30% of returns to exchanges by making the process easier for shoppers

nShift is the global leader in parcel delivery management and shipment software.  It is a strategic growth partner that creates access to a library of over 1000 carriers.  The range of solutions helps customers take control of the entire delivery experience.  This enables retailers and web shops to build their reputation with shoppers, improve the customer experience and grow incremental revenue.

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[1] https://ridewithvia.com/resources/articles/78-of-customers-want-delivery-updates-on-orders-or-they-will-switch-brands/

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