nShift improves Checkout user experience with real-time ETAs and Badges

nShift improves Checkout user experience with real-time ETAs and Badges
  • Enhancements improve the customer experience and build loyalty 
  • Real-time carrier connectivity powers more accurate ETA (estimated time of arrival) capability
  • Enhanced user interface widget gives retailers and webshops greater control over the customer experience

nShift, the global leader in parcel delivery management and shipment software, today announces significant enhancements to its Checkout platform.

An improved Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA) capability takes direct feeds from nShift’s real-time connections to carriers. The retailer can give customers highly accurate delivery dates based on actual carrier status, at the point of purchase.

New badges promote the shipping options available to customers, by enabling merchants to add icons that signify the types of delivery on offer. This could include adding green leaves adjacent to eco-friendly shipping options or a lightning bolt icon next to express delivery. For shoppers, the badges enable them to quickly identify services that meet their requirements – far quicker than reading service descriptions, which ultimately means higher conversion rate in the checkout.

The new features are complemented by an enhanced user interface widget which gives merchants even greater control over their checkout’s look and feel.

Sean Sherwin-Smith, Product Director, Post purchase at nShift said, “Our enhanced Checkout solution enables retailers to deliver the experience customers expect today. Research shows that some 50% of online shopping baskets are abandoned due to a lack of delivery options.”

“Today’s dynamic checkouts must combine two things. They need to give shoppers a real variety of delivery options. But they must also ensure that busy people can quickly find what they’re looking for. Providing unequivocal ETAs and clear choices can therefore help increase conversions and facilitate longer-term loyalty.”

nShift Checkout forms part of nShift’s market-leading delivery management suite, supporting an end-to-end delivery experience that builds customer loyalty, reduces costs, and increases revenues. Alongside Checkout, the suite compromises:

  • Ship – enterprise-grade delivery management software which provides solutions to complex label printing and carrier booking challenges.
  • Track – a cutting-edge customer experience that builds loyalty with shoppers
  • Returns – a consumer-friendly reverse logistics solution that helps convert 30% of returns to exchanges by making the process easier for shoppers  

nShift’s suite is supported by the world’s largest carrier library and over 450 integrations with leading e-commerce platforms, shopping carts, ERP, warehouse management, and payments platforms.


Find out more: www.nshift.com



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