nShift launches Transsmart to UK retailers

nShift launches Transsmart to UK retailers
The new offering enables businesses to seamlessly integrate delivery management into existing e-commerce and partner tools

nShift, the global leader in parcel delivery management and shipment software, has launched Transsmart to UK e-commerce, warehousing, and logistics providers, enabling them to offer a frictionless shipping experience to customers.  

Research has found that nearly three quarters of online shoppers would stop recommending a retailer after a poor delivery experience. Transsmart provides retailers and webshops with the means to increase revenues and build customer loyalty by offering customers greater flexibility and choice with deliveries and returns.  

Transsmart seamlessly integrates with existing e-commerce and partner tools with functionality for every stage of the post-purchase journey, from carrier booking and label printing to returns. Maarten Tops, Product Director, Transsmart at nShift said, “Transsmart works seamlessly with our partners’ ecosystems. It gives customers access to a depth of resources and expertise and it can be easily tailored to work with their current infrastructure.”

With access to hundreds of existing partner integrations, Transsmart enables strategic Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Warehouse Management Systems (WMS) vendors to seamlessly integrate delivery management into their offer.

Tops concluded, “Transsmart genuinely offers frictionless shipping. It acts as a strategic growth partner for e-commerce, warehouse, and logistics providers. Working with our extensive ecosystem enables end customers to take control of delivery management, improve delivery experience and build incremental revenue.”

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nShift is the global leading provider of cloud delivery management solutions enabling frictionless shipment and return of almost one billion shipments across 190 countries annually. nShift’s software is used globally by e-commerce, retail, manufacturing and 3PL shippers. The company is headquartered in London and Oslo. It has over 500 employees across offices in Sweden, Finland, Norway, Denmark, United Kingdom, Poland, the Netherlands, Belgium and Romania.

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