41% of companies “would struggle” to provide CSRD data

41% of companies “would struggle” to provide CSRD data

Companies must get ahead of emissions-reporting requirements warns nShift

Some 41% of businesses fear that they would struggle to provide the data required to comply with new regulations.[1] According to nShift, the global leader in parcel delivery management software, the longer companies leave starting to track their carbon emissions, the harder it will be to comply.

The forthcoming Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD) requires some 50,000 businesses trading with the European Union to track and report on the carbon emissions from their activities. While the exact implementation deadline differs among sectors and countries, experts want that there is no time to waste. Putting off emissions monitoring until later risks creating a “steeper climb to compliance”.

Mattias Gredenhag, CTO at nShift said, “The sooner companies start tracking emissions and compiling the required information, the better. For ecommerce and multi-channel retailers, this will include tracking the emissions on shipments. The longer businesses leave it, the steeper the climb to compliance will be. But the right tracking tools will give the business the data needed and make sustainability reporting easy.”

Emissions reporting for a greener ecommerce

To help retailers and warehouses fulfill emissions reporting requirements, and identify areas for reducing their carbon footprints, nShift has developed ‘Emissions Tracker’. It collates all carrier data into one reporting tool with an easy-to-use template. Calculations are made at shipment level, giving retailers the ability to drill into shipping data, compile accurate reports, and identify quick wins for emissions reduction.

The new solution helps businesses comply with CSRD and reduce emissions by:

  • Calculating and reporting emissions for all shipments in a single place
  • Reflecting best practices for tariff calculation by using standard tariffs provided by the Network for Transport Measures (NTM)
  • Making sure that data for reporting is uniform across all carriers
  • Measuring emissions by CO2e (carbon dioxide equivalent), which is a more accurate and comprehensive measure than CO2 alone
  • Calculating the tariff based on distance traveled and weight of shipment

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[1] https://www.thecorporategovernanceinstitute.com/insights/news-analysis/what-do-the-csrd-delays-mean-for-you/

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