80% of shoppers seek sustainability as retailers set their sights on global expansion

80% of shoppers seek sustainability as retailers set their sights on global expansion

nShift releases three tips on implementing emissions-minded expansion.

Four out of five consumers prefer to buy from environmentally friendly brands.[1] As retailers look to make the most of international growth opportunities, they need to take real and demonstrable action to manage their carbon footprint. nShift, the global leader in delivery management software, has released three tips for emissions-minded global growth.

Global expansion represents a significant growth opportunity for retailers. Some 87% of businesses that already trade internationally intend to expand further, with 33% looking to grow significantly. Of those that focus exclusively on their domestic market, 10% plan to grow internationally.[2] However, shoppers are losing patience with brands that fail to reflect consumer commitments to sustainability.

Mattias Gredenhag, CTO at nShift said, “Consumers are placing retailers in a quandary. Shoppers expect to get what they want, when they want it, from anywhere in the world. But they also seek a sustainable shopping experience and are less likely to do business with a retailer if they are unconvinced by their eco credentials. Despite this challenge, there are three things that retailers can do to manage carbon emissions at the same time as entering new markets.”

Three tips for emissions-minded global growth:

  1. Offer sustainable delivery options – many consumers are keen to select last-mile deliveries that minimize emissions, even if they have to wait longer. It’s important that retailers provide these options and ensure that they are clearly badged at checkout
  2. Provide offsetting and donation schemes shoppers may be happy to order internationally if there’s an easy way for them to offset the emissions through donating to a relevant scheme or cause
  3. Provide updates on progress – today’s consumers are unimpressed by anything they deem to be an ethical gimmick. But retailers that are making real progress on reducing their emissions should keep customers informed of their achievements

Mattias Gredenhag continues, “It’s crucial that retailers measure the impact of these strategies, or any others they are using to bring emissions down. Consumers expect to see that brands and retailers are really serious about change and not just paying lip service to the environment. To do this effectively, businesses need a real and accurate read of their current emissions and to keep monitoring them as they implement their sustainability plans.”

nShift Emissions Tracker helps ecommerce companies and warehouses calculate, record, and analyze greenhouse gas emissions for every shipment. It enables companies to comply with new incoming environmental reporting requirements and pinpoint opportunities for emissions reduction. nShift Emissions Tracker collates all carrier data into one reporting tool with an easy-to-use template. Calculations are made at shipment level, giving retailers the ability to drill into shipping data, compile accurate reports, and identify quick wins for emissions reduction.

Learn more about nShift Emissions Tracker here.


[1] https://recyclinglives.com/news/report-reveals-81-people-prefer-buy-sustainable-sellers/

[2] https://shorturl.at/anpuX


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