nShift unveils the seven major trends that will impact e-commerce in 2023

nShift unveils the seven major trends that will impact e-commerce in 2023
A new guide highlights the factors most likely to influence retailers and how they could impact the major shopping events of the year.


nShift, the global leader in delivery management software, has released a guide designed to help retailers best navigate the challenges, change and consumer choices they are likely to see this year.

Available to download, ‘Delivering for shoppers in 2023’ is a guide to the major e-commerce trends and sales events of 2023. It explores some of the emerging trends in retail and how these could impact each of the major shopping events of the year. It also shows how getting the delivery management and experience right, will help retailers keep a competitive edge.

The seven trends outlined in the guide are:

  1. Consumers grow price savvy as the cost-of-living bites
  2. The continuing rise of social commerce 
  3. The centrality of the customer experience
  4. A non-negotiable approach to returns
  5. Sustainable shopping and shipping
  6. Personalization as a priority 
  7. Reliable and quick delivery

The ability of online retailers and web shops to respond to these trends will help shape their success in 2023. 

Mattias Gredenhag, Chief Technology Officer at nShift says, “How and when items are delivered is part and parcel of the impression that consumers form of the brand. It directly influences the likelihood of repeat purchases. It will help determine whether they recommend the brand or retailer to friends and family.

“By creating an end-to-end delivery experience, from checkout to returns, retailers can transform the customer experience throughout the shopping journey. To do this, they will invariably need to use the right delivery management and shipping software.”

The guide, ‘Delivering for shoppers in 2023’ can be downloaded from the nShift website.

Find out more: www.nshift.com



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