Reliable delivery process essential for the supply chain of the future, says nShift

Reliable delivery process essential for the supply chain of the future, says nShift

In Retail Week’s “Supply Chain 2025” report, nShift explains how “book and print” capabilities are shaping the future of ecommerce delivery

Reliable technology is the key to building a supply chain fit for the future, according to nShift’s contribution to a new report.

Retail Week’s Supply Chain 2025 report sponsored by nShift, explores how retailers are using technology including AI and robotics to transform their supply chains and boost competitiveness. The report serves as a blueprint for businesses looking to upgrade their supply chain and logistics capabilities to drive sustained growth.

nShift, the global leader in delivery management software, explains in the report how retailers need to rethink delivery management in order to capitalize on these innovations.

The report explores how:

  • Innovations are transforming the last mile– from robotic and zero-emissions deliveries, to “blended retail”, advances shaping the future of ecommerce delivery demonstrate their importance to customers
  • Returns management strategies are crucial – returns risk eating into profits and creating extra emissions. Investing in the right online technology is essential to tackling returns
  • Multi-carrier capability is essential to the delivery process - rather than relying on one or a handful of carriers, forward-thinking retailers are putting together delivery capabilities that reflect their brand and fit around their customers. Offering the right delivery options can increase conversion rates by up to 20%
  • Measuring and managing emissions - not all emissions are within the retailer’s control. But by measuring carbon emissions, businesses can create meaningful strategies to reduce them and then monitor the progress of these strategies

Johan Hellman, VP Product & Carrier management at nShift said, “Retailers can provide the delivery capabilities customers expect by connecting their carriers via a core 'book and print' service. This transforms order fulfillment, lowers complexity, and can increase customer conversions. Integrating all these services through one market-leading provider will deliver a broader service, with less risk.

Such a book and print, or delivery management system can form the beating heart of the business. Should the service fail, it can create huge disruption across the supply chain. But by placing reliable cloud shipping software at the center of the delivery process, there are fewer moving parts, reducing the risk of system failure.”

nShift is the global leader in delivery management software. Through the world’s largest carrier library, it provides connections to over 1000 carriers, enabling retailers to offer real choice. Our solutions enable retailers to accelerate ecommerce growth by making it easier to expand internationally, deliver more efficiently and create a better customer experience.

nShift enables warehouses to unlock efficiencies in logistics and fulfillment. It provides a tested and reliable service which is used each year to power one billion shipments around the world.


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