nShift unveils seven major trends that will impact ecommerce delivery in 2024

nShift unveils seven major trends that will impact ecommerce delivery in 2024

As the end of another year approaches, it’s time to look ahead at what 2024 might have in store. While the supply chain challenges of 2022 feel long gone in the memory, this year has been defined by the continued pressure on consumer spending as inflation and the cost of living crisis has continued to bite.

While the signs are tentatively positive about how 2024 might compare, it is not going to be a year without trial or tribulation. It’s why we’ve released a guide designed to help ecommerce retailers best navigate the challenges, change and consumer choices they are likely to face in the year ahead when it comes to delivery management. 

Delivering for shoppers in 2024

Available to download, ‘Delivering for shoppers in 2024’ is a guide, which explores some of the emerging trends in retail and how these could impact each of the major shopping events of the year. It also shows how getting the delivery management and experience right, will help retailers keep a competitive edge

The seven trends outlined in the guide are:

  1. Catering for price-conscious customers as the cost-of-living crisis bites
  2. The continuing rise of social commerce
  3. The centrality of the customer experience
  4. A non-negotiable approach to returns
  5. Sustainable shopping and shipping
  6. Personalization as a priority
  7. Reliable and quick delivery

The ability of online retailers and web shops to respond to these trends will help shape their success in 2024.

Shaping success in 2024

Next year will be characterized by shoppers wanting more for less. They expect retailers to respond to the ongoing cost-of-living challenges and adapt to the ways that technology is transforming their behavior. But they do not expect any of this to come at the cost of a great customer experience. The delivery experience is at the heart of how people perceive and judge that customer experience.

Download the guide, ‘Delivering for shoppers in 2024’ or, for more information on how nShift can help you navigate the months ahead, please get in touch below.


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