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Asmet secures additional agility with nShift


Manufacturing and distributing a vast array of custom-made products is a hugely complex logistical process. So the easier you can make it to onboard new, more efficient carriers, the better. That’s why Asmet chose nShift.

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TMS integrated with IFS Polska

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The Challenge

Asmet supplies a vast array of fasteners and custom-made screw products to Poland’s construction, power, petrochemical, agricultural and automotive industries. The size of their range means that, at any one time, the company will have an assortment of 40,000 items in stock with a further 50,000 items available on request. It’s a complex operation that requires highly efficient logistics management, incorporating deliveries from suppliers (Asmet is both a distributor and a manufacturer) and to customers. 

We chose to implement the solution after an initial discussion on integration with IFS Polska’s ERP system and after verification of carriers accessible through [nShift].

Tomasz Dębicki, Logistic Manager, OEM/OEM Customer Service Department (Kanban, JIT)



The Solution

To ensure the smooth running of their supply chain, Asmet chose to implement nShift. There were two key factors behind their decision. One was the large volume of carriers available via the solution. The other was the ease of integration, which saved them having to make costly customizations to their ERP system – and which makes it easy for them to switch to a new WMS system in the future.

The Results

Since implementing nShift, Asmet have been able to minimize interruptions in their delivery process. This is thanks largely to nShift’s ability to implement and generate labels and shipment documents in accordance with carrier standards.

The solution has also helped Asmet to become more agile, enabling them to adapt rapidly to market changes and onboard new carriers to their system quickly and easily whenever they need.

Important factors in our decision to implement nShift were the product lead time and, of course, the cost of the solution.

Tomasz Dębicki, Logistic Manager, OEM/OEM Customer Service Department (Kanban, JIT)

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