Branded delivery experience “drives customer recommendations” in retail

Branded delivery experience “drives customer recommendations” in retail

Online retailers should build their brands into the post-purchase customer experience

Online retailers and webshops are missing opportunities to build customer loyalty after customers have hit the buy button, says nShift, the global leader in delivery management.  A slick, branded, post-purchase experience covering deliveries, tracking, and returns, plugs a significant gap in the customer journey.

According to research by Cap Gemini, three quarters of customers would increase their spending with retailers which get the delivery experience right.[1] 

“Deliveries are a key moment of truth for customers.  However, in many cases, the only thing they may hear about their package will be from the carrier, and not the retailer or brand they originally purchased from,” says Sean Sherwin-Smith, Product Director, Post-Purchase, at nShift. 

“Rather than handing over the post-purchase experience to carriers, as many do today, retailers should explore how they can inject their brand into these moments.  In doing so, they must ensure that all communications look as slick and professional as the webshop or brand the customer bought from.”

“Taking control of their delivery management enables companies to build their brand by ensuring the customer gets the right experience from beginning to end.  The retailers that are visibly across every stage of the customer journey – from the homepage to the doorstep – are the ones we as customers remember the most.”

nShift empowers retailers and ecommerce companies to take control of deliveries and create a branded customer experience at each stage of the delivery journey.  nShift Track helps them provide outstanding post-purchase customer experiences, building customer loyalty and accelerating growth. 

Key features of nShift Track include:

  • Branded tracking portal and mobile app (via nShift MyParcels mobile app) for delivery updates, returns policies, and more
  • Multi-channel delivery status communications via customers’ preferred messaging channel, e.g. social media, messaging apps, SMS, or email
  • 60 percent reductions in “where is my order” (WISMO) support calls
  • “Control room” oversight of all deliveries, so retailers can pinpoint delivery hold-ups and proactively offer alternatives to customers

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