nShift and pinDeliver collaborate to achieve last mile optimization

nShift and pinDeliver collaborate to achieve last mile optimization

New collaboration offers dedicated transport services to facilitate route optimization, carrier fleet management and customer communication

nShift, the global leader in parcel delivery management, is collaborating with pinDeliver, the cloud-based delivery platform, to offer its customers a plug-and-play service for transport planning. The new partnership makes it easier for companies that own fleets to optimize last mile logistics and better communicate with customers.  It includes route optimization, package scanning, driver support, and enhanced customer experience.

The companies have created two new general transport services to streamline and digitize the last mile delivery process. pinDeliver Delivery and pinDeliver Click & Collect support shipping documents and complete last mile ecommerce integration with pinDeliver. Transport statuses in both services are continuously reported to nShift and displayed in its My Parcels parcel tracking app.

By using these new products, customers can now access real-time information about what is happening across their entire delivery process, including partner carriers and their fleet.  As a result, they will be able to plan routes more efficiently and optimize last-mile deliveries.  They can also measure the performance of their own fleet against partner carriers.

Many organizations integrate with nShift’s Delivery solution from their business systems and e-commerce platforms, meaning transport assignments can be quickly and easily sent to pinDeliver for further handling.  For those companies whose systems aren’t integrated with nShift Delivery, nShift has a strong network of partners who can offer plug-and-play modules for easy integration.

Lars Pedersen, CEO at nShift, said: “Businesses that own their own delivery fleets often don’t need a full transport management system.  But they need to ensure that their delivery management is as efficient as possible and that they offer their customers the best possible experience.  By working together, nShift and pinDeliver enable easy last-mile delivery route planning and optimization of a company’s fleet.”

“Through the cooperation with nShift, we are able to reach out to a wide and interesting customer base and offer our modern and easy-to-use cloud services - a next-generation TMS for transportation and wholesale companies”, says Marcus Wigren, Partner manager at pinDeliver AB.

pinDeliver Delivery and pinDeliver Click & Collect are available on the nShift Delivery product for new and existing pinDeliver customers. Those wishing to use the new products will need to become pinDeliver customers.

Users of any other nShift product, such as Ship and TMS, should contact nShift to discuss enabling the new functionality.

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