nShift: PostNord Sweden is the first carrier labelled by the Nordic Swan Ecolabel in the nShift library

nShift: PostNord Sweden is the first carrier labelled by the Nordic Swan Ecolabel in the nShift library

Ecommerce companies in the region can now include certified delivery options in their online checkout and offer a delivery choice that meets strict requirements on climate performance and energy efficiency

nShift, the global leader in delivery management software, today announces that PostNord Sweden has become the first carrier in the Nordics that can offer e-commerce logistics services certified with the Nordic Swan Ecolabel. The accolade is now clearly identifiable within the nShift carrier library and can be displayed in the online checkout.

With over 1000 carriers, nShift offers its customers access to the world’s most extensive carrier library, delivering to 190 countries. The certification, which can be included in the online checkout, enables ecommerce companies in Sweden to offer a delivery choice that ensures reduced greenhouse gas emissions by strict requirements on energy efficiency, renewable fuel, and electrified vehicles.

The Nordic Swan Ecolabel is the official and most recognised environmental label in the Nordics, an independent and third-party certified ecolabel that looks at all relevant environmental parameters in a product's life cycle. The Nordics are often attributed as sustainability leaders, demonstrated by their position in the Europe Sustainable Development Report 2021[1] (Finland 1st, Sweden 2nd, Denmark 3rd and Norway 5th). 

Mathias Krümmel, CEO of PostNord Sweden. “Today, the checkout risks misleading consumers with unclear environmental claims. PostNord has been waiting for third-party certified labels that are reliable. With the Nordic Swan Ecolabel, PostNord can finally clearly demonstrate its ambitious sustainability work and success in its green transition towards the consumer.”

The Nordic Swan Ecolabel verifies that logistics suppliers meet strict requirements for climate performance and high energy efficiency and employment contracts in line with collective agreements or similar. The labelling includes 20 criteria regarding the carrier’s entire logistics network. It means that not only PostNord’s own fleet of vehicles is included, but also the fleets of its transport suppliers. It is also a requirement that a high share of new vehicles bought by the company must run on electricity or biogas.

Sean Sherwin-Smith, Product Director Post-purchase at nShift. “Consumers demand an online shopping experience that’s as sustainable as possible. When they are choosing their delivery they need to be able to quickly identify which option is the best from an environmental perspective and be sure that they can trust the eco credentials of the carrier. That’s why we’re delighted to count PostNord Sweden as one of our carriers and are immensely proud that it is the first in our library to be awarded with the Nordic Swan Ecolabel. The Nordic Swan Ecolabel brings the credibility that shoppers look for. Our Checkout functionality enables that credibility to be clearly badged and displayed in the online checkout at of webshops”

Per Sandell, Head of Business Area Finance and Logistics at the Nordic Swan Ecolabel said, “Being able to choose more sustainable delivery options is important to many consumers. But consumers are confused by different green claims and messages in the check-out. Therefore, the Nordic Swan Ecolabel, as the Nordic’s official ecolabel, is a welcome guide for consumers. With the Nordic Swan Ecolabel in the checkout, the complexity of choosing delivery is simplified. Consumers are hereby able to contribute to the necessary green transition of the transport sector.”


Nordic Swan Ecolabel e-commerce logistics: 

  • Reduce energy consumption and climate impact in the logistics network. 
  • Stimulate fossil-free home deliveries. 
  • Ensure a good basic level of the vehicle fleet, which is gradually increased through investments in electrical, hydrogen and biogas vehicles. 
  • Imply gradually increased use of renewable energy in the logistics network.
  • Promote employment contracts in line with collective agreements or similar.     
  • Provide financial incentives for reduced air in e-commerce packaging. 

Who can get the Nordic Swan Ecolabel? Nordic transport and logistics companies can apply to become licence holders. After an approved license, they can offer Nordic Swan Ecolabel e-commerce transportation to e-commerce businesses. At checkout, consumers can choose a Nordic Swan Ecolabel delivery option. 



[1] https://www.sdgindex.org/reports/europe-sustainable-development-report-2021/

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