Three quarters of shoppers want the best of both worlds when it comes to buying and collecting products

3 in 4 Shoppers want to both buy and collect products

nShift is calling on retailers to offer ‘delivery as demanded’

The pandemic accelerated the world into online shopping. So much so that many experts predicted it would be the final nail in the coffin for traditional in-store, brick and mortar retailers.

However, recent research has found that about 75% of shoppers are researching products and making purchases both in store and online[1]. They want the best of both worlds and expect retailers to provide the services to match.

It is why nShift, the global leader in delivery management, is calling on retailers to provide shoppers the omnichannel experience they’re looking for. And this means offering a range of delivery options. The value of which is something examined in our latest report, ‘strengthening customer relationships at each stage of the delivery journey.’ The report explains how creating an end-to-end e-commerce experience can help retailers build better relationships and gain more knowledge about their customers.

“This is not about delivery on-demand, but delivery as demanded’, said Lars Pedersen, CEO of nShift. “Some shoppers will research and buy online but want to collect the product themselves. Others might research or buy in store but require a home delivery. Catering for every option should be the benchmark for retailers because, if they don’t, consumers will no longer tolerate the friction and shop around for a better service.”

Customers are used to quick, fast delivery. In order to meet the rising standards, it’s vital for retailers to consider their options for the best strategy, and how they can ensure that shoppers are kept happy; from the moment they make the purchase, to it arriving on their doorstep

Our checkout solution delivers a better customer service by providing a range of delivery options that suit the consumer and increase conversions. It does this by enabling people to choose:

  • Where their parcels are delivered: home, work or pick-up point
  • When and how their parcels are delivered

With the nShift integrated checkout, retailers can give customers the delivery options they want. It can be customised to the look and feel of any web shop. It is quick and easy to set up and get running. This all makes it easier for retailers to create new revenue opportunities, build customer loyalty and deliver a better customer experience.

Pedersen concluded, ‘From the moment consumers visit a store to the moment they receive their order, today’s customers expect a smooth, friction-free shopping journey whether that is online or in-person. By ensuring a satisfactory end-to-end experience, retailers can address factors that may prove off-putting, such as a complicated returns process or unexpected delivery costs.”

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