What are the three Cs of ecommerce deliveries in 2024?

What are the three Cs of ecommerce deliveries in 2024?

Almost 60% of shoppers said a good delivery experience has directly encouraged them to purchase again, according to a new report by IMRG

The Consumer Home Delivery Report, sponsored by nShift, examines the trends shaping the future of ecommerce delivery. It examines how every stage of the delivery experience, like last mile tracking and returns management contributes to customer satisfaction and business growth.

As retailers strive to create seamless, frictionless experiences for their customers, checkout conversion optimization and order tracking systems have appeared as a focal point for innovation, improvement, and a way to build the bottom line.

The benchmark of post-purchase experience

The report finds shoppers evaluate the ecommerce customer experience on three key criteria:

  1. Convenience – A range of ecommerce delivery choices that are convenient for consumers is vital. For over half (54%) of the respondents, a key concern is missing attempted deliveries while they are out. Meanwhile, 64% agreed that the ability to choose a specific day for delivery is very important
  2. Clarity - Nearly three quarters (74%) of consumers expect to see clear delivery and returns information prior to ordering
  3. Communication - 80% of shoppers want access to online order tracking. When asked about what would improve the returns experience, 87% of those questioned said getting confirmation that their return parcel has been received was most important to them

Improving post purchase ecommerce: five tips for retailers

In the report, nShift offers five top tips for retailers when it comes to delivering the best possible post-purchase experience:

  1. Provide and clearly display a range of delivery options at checkout – some shoppers seek swift deliveries. For others price is paramount. Offering a range of options at checkout increases conversions. But it’s essential that these options are clearly and intuitively badged
  2. Enable multi-carrier deliveries – during busy periods, it’s crucial that retailers ensure they can keep their promises. This is best achieved through relationships with multiple carrier companies and a book and print capability connecting them to the business
  3. Maximize delivery success – giving shoppers the opportunity to identify and choose alternative Out Of Home (OOH) collection options is a welcome alternative to having to wait at home for a delivery. Parcel shops, parcel lockers and stores themselves offer shoppers a more substantial choice
  4. Keep in touch – relevant communication keeps the customer engaged and helps contain any negative feedback. Retailers which provide branded tracking notifications that customers will recognize they can open the doors to post purchase upsells
  5. Make returns easy – countless consumers simply won’t complete their purchase if it’s not clear how they can return a product. Making returns processing digital makes the experience easier, while helping ensure returned goods have a second chance to earn revenue

According to Andy Mulcahy, Strategy and Insight Director at IMRG: “Each year the role of delivery and returns is becoming more important to customers. They want to know where their order is at all times and expect a seamless connection from the moment they hit the buy button to the time that they’re happy with the exchange.”

Download the Consumer Home Delivery Report

The Consumer Home Delivery Report is now available for download from IMRG.

For more information on how nShift can help maximize your delivery and returns proposition, please get in touch.


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