Delivery experience and driving post purchase upsells


Post purchase experience, though often overlooked, is a critically important stage in the ecommerce customer journey. At the point of post purchase, retailers have completed the difficult and expensive work of capturing and converting customers. Now all it takes is a small push to transform that conversion into lasting, continuous, and increasingly profitable relationships.

A customer’s experience while buying and after they purchase often determines whether they will buy again or recommend a specific retailer to others. nShift’s end-to-end delivery management platform helps retailers deliver on ecommerce promises and assists in upselling customers when they’re most engaged with a brand.


Close this sale and the next with nShift Checkout 

Before they make a purchase, your potential customers want to understand how and when your product can get to them. Customers’ priorities vary from free delivery, to faster package delivery, or flexible click-and-collect options. In fact, research shows that 43% of shoppers have abandoned retailers in the past six months when they failed to find their preferred shipment option. nShift enables choice in checkout – with the world’s largest carrier library and flexible, branded options for your business – so retailers can start the relationship with customers on the right foot. The flexibility of the nShift platform enables retailers to take full control of the delivery experience, creating delivery options that bundle for discounts, and increasing the possibilities for post purchase upsells.


Drive post purchase upsells with a captivated audience with nShift Track

Customer expectations for communication and flexibility after the purchase are rising. With nShift, retailers can give customers instant gratification with branded tracking and flexible delivery options. nShift also enables a continuing relationship between retailers and the customer to build business reputation and trust, and drive post purchase upsells.

Because customers crave information and control over the delivery process, the open rate of tracking emails shoots to 70%. nShift Track empowers enterprises to take advantage of this increased engagement and increase post purchase upsells in three different ways.

  • Discounts: Businesses can use branded tracking emails to include repeat purchase discounts. There’s never a better time to increase the visibility and success of a discount or sale than when customers are more likely to open a retailer’s emails.
  • Gamification: Retailers can utilize branded games to keep customers engaged with their business. Gamification has been shown to increase and extend positive brand impressions, improving the possibilities for post purchase upsells.
  • Product recommendations: Branded tracking also enables more targeted product recommendations, so retailers can market compatible products or subscriptions.


Discover returns solutions that drive exchanges and repeat purchases

Another critical piece of the post purchase experience is returns. Customers will often seek to purchase elsewhere if returns aren’t clear and simple. nShift’s end-to-end platform helps simplify the returns process and convert up to 30% of returns to exchanges to increase revenues. It also enabples businesses to capture more data to understand why products were returned. This post purchase tool improves experience experience, keeps customers coming back, and helps you drive upsells in the future.

Learn more about nShift’s end-to-end delivery and experience management platform and how it drives improved customer experience post-purchase.


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