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Trexico makes order entry 25% more efficient with nShift


Transsmart, easily integrating with the Boltrics warehouse management system, is the ideal solution for 3PL businesses looking to automate and simplify their processes – as full-service logistics provider Trexico recently discovered...

Solution delivered in partnership with Boltrics


Boltrics specializes in Microsoft ERP, WMS and TMS solutions for logistics service providers. Based in Ede in the Netherlands, the company is well on the way to becoming the world’s #1 Microsoft solution.

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Transsmart integrated with Boltrics WMS

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The Challenge

Trexico Logistics is a full-service logistics provider with 25,000m² storage space. They live by the motto ‘flexible and customer-oriented’, providing businesses with a wide variety of high-quality services, aided by their worldwide network of partners and a mountain of logistics knowledge.

 With areas of activity ranging from webshop deliveries to intercontinental sea freight, the company was looking for an integrated software solution that would enable them to manage operations with greater speed and efficiency.

 As Niek de Baar, Logistics Supervisor for Trexico Logistics explains: “We work for many different customers and they each have their own requirements. We needed a solution that would improve our processes on all those levels.”

The Solution

Trexico decided to implement warehouse management system (WMS), Boltrics, because it offered a dedicated logistics package based on Microsoft Dynamics D365 Business Central. This made Transsmart a natural choice for the business due to its ready-to-go Boltrics plugin.

 The integration between Transsmart and Boltrics has greatly enhanced the service Trexico provides to its customers, enabling them to connect with existing carriers seamlessly and to add new ones instantly whenever they need. It has also made the process of onboarding new customers much quicker and easier.


The Results

Since implementing the new solution, Trexico has seen a drastic improvement in efficiency. Niek de Baar explains: “Order entry is now 25% more efficient compared to our old system. This allows us to do more work with the same people.”

 For Niek, it is this efficiency that makes nShift Transsmart such a powerful solution for ecommerce automation. “Thanks to nShift, we have transformed a highly complex process into something that can be managed all in one platform, giving us full visibility and control.”

Order entry is now 25% more efficient compared to our old system. This allows us to do more work with the same people.

Niek de Baar, Logistics Supervisor for Trexico Logistics       

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