Logistics teams spend 50% of time on manual tasks

Logistics teams spend 50% of time on manual tasks

Mattias Gredenhag, CTO

nShift enables warehouses to automate crucial delivery management processes

According to research, a third of logistics workers spend more than 50% of their time on manual tasks.[1] It’s an issue that’s particularly acute in the warehouse and delivery management process. Far too many organizations try to make do with managing deliveries manually or using spreadsheets, while paper-based processes remain rife. This often leads to delays and holdups - something that is particularly problematic during peak season and other busy periods.

Automating many of the day-to-day tasks could free up time for valuable activity. Doing so enables retailers to offer a better customer experience, respond more quickly to spikes in demand, and minimize errors. The right delivery management platform can be the ‘beating heart’ of high-performance logistics and fulfillment capabilities – delivering efficiencies, stronger loyalty, and increased sales, too.


Six processes to automate

To help save time and increase efficiency across the logistics process, nShift has identified six processes that ecommerce companies and logistics providers can automate across the supply chain:

  1. Order management – Trexico Logistics recently made order entry 25% more efficient by working with nShift, transforming a highly complex process into something that can be managed through one platform
  2. Carrier booking – working with a platform that can automate the carrier booking process leads to significant time savings. To give the business the flexibility it needs, it’s crucial that the platform connects to a wide range of carriers, widening the choices available to customers
  3. Label printing – creating the correct label, regardless of the carrier requirements, including the bar code or manifest, increases accuracy and speeds up the process
  4. Shipping documents –customs and other key documents can be automatically generated alongside the shipping label to further streamline the delivery process
  5. Picking and packing– when inventories get larger, ensuring the right label is printed for each package becomes even more important.  Automated label printing helps increase the accuracy and efficiency of key warehouse processes
  6. Returns management – automating returns processes makes it easier to check items back in and reduce customer service costs

Increase order entry by 25%

Trexico Logistics is a full-service logistics provider. It needed an integrated software solution that would enable it to manage operations with greater speed and efficiency. It used nShift Transsmart and Boltrics, enabling it to connect with existing carriers seamlessly and to add new ones instantly whenever needed. It also made the process of onboarding new customers much quicker and easier.

Since implementing the new solution, Trexico has seen a drastic improvement in efficiency with order entry now 25% more efficient compared to the old system. You can read more about this, and other successful implementations of automation in the warehouse in our customer stories.

A tried and tested tool

nShift is a tried and tested delivery management tool. Businesses all over the world trust us to power their mission-critical shipments. With our range of solutions, ecommerce companies can provide an end-to-end delivery experience from checkout to returns.

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[1] https://www.bizagi.com/en/blog/want-a-resilient-supply-chain-time-to-automate-manual-processes




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