Introducing nShift's end to end delivery management software

Introducing nShift's end to end delivery management software

nShift is a leading delivery management software company that offers comprehensive software solutions that help businesses own the last-mile logistics experience, streamline processes, reduce costs, and improve the customer experience.

The nShift shipping management platform fully integrates with e-commerce, retail, and 3PL's.  business' existing infrastructure to provide complete visibility and control over their delivery management operations, from picking, packing, and shipping to tracking and customer service to deliver ecommerce success.

Key products in the delivery management software suite

Extensive Multi-carrier library – Our customers gain access to a carrier library of over 1,000 ready-made carrier connections. They can quickly integrate and start shipping with a huge variety of verified carriers and services. This builds capacity during busy periods and enables them to offer the right delivery options for their business and their end customers.

Delivery management software - solves complicated delivery management challenges and improves efficiencies with enterprise shipping label production and carrier booking. Fully integrate with enterprise resource planning (ERPs) and warehouse management systems (WMS).

    • nShift Ship is an enterprise delivery management software for large organizations with complex shipping challenges and large parcel volumes.
    • nShift Deliveryis ideal for SMB ecommerce businesses and warehouse-to-delivery management, providing a better customer experience and building loyalty. Be up and running quickly – currently available in the Nordic regions and soon to be launched into more countries.
    • nShift Transsmart – Transsmart works seamlessly with our partners’ ecosystems. It gives customers access to a depth of resources and expertise. It can be easily tailored to work with their current infrastructure.

Checkout – Display and clearly badge multiple delivery options at this point. Checkout optimization means retailers can set up specific shipping options to trigger donations to charitable or sustainable causes if selected by the customer. By displaying these options at checkout, it creates an opportunity for the brand to show that it shares the values of its customers. Some 88% of people would be more loyal to a company that gives back to the world around them.

Track - a post-purchase parcel tracking solution that helps improve customer loyalty. It keeps shoppers up to date with their parcel status and creates new marketing opportunities for retailers. It offers a consumer interface that can match the look and feel of the retailer or webshop’s brand. It provides delivery updates through mobile and social channels that are relevant to shoppers and reduces WISMO calls for support teams.

Returns – Without a clear returns procedure in place, people are less likely to buy in the first place. It’s that simple. Our Returns management software fully integrates with the rest of our solutions to provide an end-to-end last-mile delivery experience. Customers typically convert 30% of returns to exchanges.

TMS - Traditional transport management systems (TMS) attempt to calculate efficiencies in the supply chain using pre-defined shipping rules. Our TMS is different. Because it is based on multi-carrier connectivity and communication, it creates better visibility around what is happening at each stage of the process. It is easy to implement, flexible, and scalable. It encourages collaboration across the supply chain and distributes decision-making.

Comprehensive analytics and reporting - nShift provides businesses with comprehensive analytics and reporting capabilities that enable them to track various metrics, such as order fulfillment rates, inventory turnover, shipping costs, and customer satisfaction.

nShift helps businesses build a better customer experience

  1. Own the last-mile delivery experience - This means that businesses can provide their customers with a seamless last-mile delivery experience, from checkout to returns. Customers can track their orders in real time, receive accurate delivery estimates, and communicate with the business if there are any issues.
  2. Streamline processes - nShift’s shipping software solution streamlines the entire order fulfillment process, from order management to shipping and delivery. This means that businesses can reduce manual processes, eliminate errors, and reduce the time it takes to fulfill orders. By streamlining processes, businesses can improve operational efficiency, reduce costs, and increase profitability.
  3. Reduce costs - nShift’s software solution enables businesses to reduce costs associated with warehouse management, order fulfillment, and shipping. The software optimizes inventory levels, minimizes stockouts, and reduces the time it takes to fulfill orders. Additionally, the software analyzes carrier rates and delivery times to select the most cost-effective shipping options. Businesses can improve their bottom line by reducing costs and investing in growth and expansion.
  4. Improve the post purchase experience - By providing customers with a seamless and transparent delivery experience, nShift helps businesses to improve the customer experience. Customers can track their orders in real time, receive accurate delivery estimates, and communicate with the business if there are any issues. By providing a positive customer experience, businesses can increase customer loyalty, generate positive reviews, and attract new customers.

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