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Retailers must offer a competitive customer experience to thrive this festive season and beyond

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Competing this Christmas

Global consumers are tightening their belts.  Now more than ever, retailers must focus on creating a shopping experience that gives cash-strapped consumers exactly what they are looking for. 

How orders are delivered makes a huge impact on a consumer’s perception of the brand or retailer.  People want to get what they want, when they want it.  And at this time of year especially, they must have confidence that their purchases will be delivered on time.

If retailers get this right, they can win customers for life.  But if people don’t get the customer experience they are looking for, they will shop around for a better one.

Our new hub helps retailers and web shops explore how they can better deliver for their customers in the run up to Christmas and beyond.

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Build customer loyalty in the run up to Christmas

Once a customer has decided to buy, it’s vital to make the rest of the experience as easy as possible. Here’s how:

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50% of online shopping baskets are abandoned due to a lack of delivery options

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Creating the right experience for shoppers means ensuring high-quality delivery management.

Some will pay more for a quick delivery.  Others will wait for their package if it makes it cheaper or more sustainable.  But all expect to see the option they are looking for at checkout.

And it’s not just about the day itself. Estimates suggest that one in three shoppers return their Black Friday purchase.[2] It’s crucial that retailers and other businesses make the returns process as efficient as possible.

The better the returns process, the more likely that it will lead to an exchange rather than having to give a refund.



[nShift Guide]

Four ways to create a competitive customer experience this Christmas

nShift has released a new guide that explores how retailers and e-commerce companies can win shoppers back in the run up to Christmas. The guide encourages retailers to:

  1. Get the price right
  2. Provide constant, relevant communication
  3. Ensure they deliver
  4. Get returns right 

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