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Joutsen’s warehouse staff save 2-3 hours a day with nShift


Online sales growth posed a significant challenge for retailer, Joutsen. How would their slow, manual system cope with the accompanying rise in parcel volumes? What they needed was a fully automated multicarrier shipping solution. To be precise: what they needed was nShift.

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The Challenge

Back in 2012, fashion and homeware retailer Joutsen wanted to invest more in their webshop. But they knew that the process they were using for creating shipments would not be able to cope with any significant increase in parcel volumes. “It was taking a lot of time for our warehouse workers to create the required paperwork and track shipments via multiple portals,” says Sami Salonen, Logistics and IT Manager at Joutsen.

Rather than booking transport manually and using multiple portals to track shipments across their supply chain, they needed a multicarrier shipping platform that would enable them to automate the process and manage their carrier integrations all in one place.

The solution they chose was nShift.

[nShift] has helped us to connect our ERP, webshop and shipping platforms by creating a two-way integration between each one. Without [nShift], we wouldn’t have been able to manage our growing parcel volumes across these three systems.

Sami Salonen, Logistics and IT Manager at Joutsen


The Solution

One of the key reasons why Joutsen chose nShift Ship was because it could be easily integrated with their existing ERP, webshop and shipping platforms. As a result, the team can now manage all their carriers and track all their shipments – all in one place.

Customers also feel the benefit of this solution. “Now our customers only have to provide one piece of information and we can find their order very quickly,” Sami explains. “This has allowed us to provide our customers with the best possible service.”


The Results

Joutsen has seen a clear ROI from using the platform. “[nShift] has made our warehouse work much more efficiently and has saved us a lot of money,” Sami says. “The platform, integrated with our ERP and webshop, has easily saved us between two to three hours per day because we no longer have to manually print labels, use multiple portals, and copy and paste webshop tracking links. And I believe this figure will grow rapidly as ecommerce continues to gather pace and our parcel volumes increase.”

nShift is expected to play a key part in the company’s continuing growth. As Sami explains: “The best part of the platform is that, as we grow and need to make changes, [nShift] has changed with us and has proven it can be relied on. Also, it has such a wide range of features that we don’t need to look at other systems to find the solutions we need. It is the perfect system for growing retailers.”

nShift is the perfect system for growing retailers.

Sami Salonen, Logistics and IT Manager at Joutsen

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