Manage carbon emissions reporting with the new nShift Emissions Tracking solution

Emissions Tracker, to be launched in autumn 2023, makes it easy to record emissions and stay on top of CSRD reporting requirements.




Calculate the emissions of each shipment with nShift’s new tracking and reporting tool.

Retailers, ecommerce businesses, and warehouses face more pressure than ever to reduce their carbon footprint and report accurately on emissions.  

nShift Emissions Tracker calculates emissions on each shipment. This makes it easier for businesses to fulfill reporting obligations, pinpoint opportunities for emissions reduction, and track their improvements.

Greenhouse emissions data normally sits across multiple systems, meaning reports must be compiled by hand.

nShift Emissions Tracker makes shipment-level emissions tracking easy.  

The new solution, which will be launched in autumn 2023, helps businesses comply with CSRD and reduce emissions by:

  • Calculating and reporting emissions for all shipments in a single place
  • Reflecting best practices for tariff calculation by using standard tariffs provided by the Network for Transport Measures (NTM)
  • Making sure that data for reporting is uniform across all carriers
  • Measuring emissions by CO2e (carbon dioxide equivalent) is a more accurate and comprehensive measure than CO2 alone
  • Calculating the tariff based on distance traveled and weight of shipment

nShift Emissions Tracker conforms to internationally recognized standards, such as EN 16258, ISO 14083, and the Global Logistics Emissions Council (GLEC) Framework

Read our white paper: “When Technology & Sustainability Meet”

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