Delivery Management

Reduce costs. Streamline processes. Wow customers. Our multicarrier parcel management software gives you full control of the last mile.

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Frictionless from end to end

Automate every step of delivery management from options at checkout to labels for returns.

Everything on one platform

All the tools your team needs to excel

Dynamic checkout options
Increase conversion

50% of online shoppers abandon their baskets due to a lack of delivery options. We help you convert those baskets into sales. How fast? How much? At home or in store? Offer customers all the choices they want.

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Make it personal

Our platform connects your key systems with the world’s largest carrier library. So when customers reach your online checkout, you can instantly display the delivery options that are most relevant to them.

Add click and collect

Not everyone is able to receive deliveries at home. Add a click and collect option to increase conversion at checkout and make life easier for your customers. Also a great way to bring online shoppers into your store.

Automated shipping
Best carrier every time

Working out the best delivery method is time-consuming. And the more carriers you work with, the longer it takes. Our platform automatically picks the right carrier, saving hours in the warehouse and reducing parcel and pallet delivery costs by up to 8%.

Instant label printing

Our platform collects real-time data about your shipments and automatically creates the paperwork you need. Right information. Right format. Right away. Need to print 30,000 labels by tomorrow morning? You’ll have them within the hour.

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Eliminate manual errors

Right address? Correct shipping information? Proper documentation? Our platform automatically validates your data, so you avoid making any costly mistakes.

Simplify dangerous goods shipping

Dangerous goods usually mean mountains of paperwork. Not anymore. Our platform completes and validates all documentation automatically, supercharging your process and reducing risk.

Optimize deliveries between your warehouses

Sending large volumes of parcels within your organization? Use our platform to track internal as well as external deliveries and keep employees fully informed.

Scan App
Turn smartphones into scanners

Forget traditional PDA scanners. Scan labels through our easy-to-use smartphone app and keep track of parcels moving throughout your network.

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Improve visibility

Every scan is uploaded to a secure cloud-based portal. So you know where any parcel is at any given time. And you can ensure your customers know too.

Speed up click and collect

Scan App makes running a click and collect kiosk in your shop even easier. All the delivery details go on your tablet or smartphone. All your customer needs to do is sign.

Track and trace
Follow every delivery

View the location and status of all your shipments, all the time.



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Keep customers happy

No more worried calls to your support team. Our platform enables customers to track their orders in real time. 

You can also set up your very own system of branded notifications. Select your touchpoints. Choose email or SMS. Personalize the messaging. Add promotional  campaigns. It’s all in your hands.

Do more with your data

Our platform puts all your data at your fingertips. So you can analyze carrier performance, check tariffs against invoices, and make fully informed business decisions.

Easy returns
Switch to self-service

Empower your customers. Spare your customer support team. Use our platform to embed self-service returns on your website, so shoppers can print their own labels and send items back as quick as they want.

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Own fleet
Set your drivers up for success

Running your own delivery fleet? No need to break the bank buying complex PDA devices. We give you and your drivers all the tools you need. Scan labels, upload parcel status, track driver progress – all through Scan App, our easy-to-use smartphone app.

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Optimize delivery routes

So many parcels. So little time. Scan App makes it easy for your drivers by automatically displaying the fastest delivery routes along with distances and expected drop-off times.

Keep everyone informed

Automatic notifications. Driver status uploads. Signature and photo capture. Our platform allows your customers and customer service teams to track every order from start to finish.

key-icon6 shippingIcon
Turn data into insights

Shipment and carrier data spread across multiple systems is just data. We enable you to view and analyze everything in one place. So data becomes insight and insight leads to better decisions.

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Compare carrier performance

Which carriers are providing the best service for your customers? Did orders arrive on time, too early or too late? Who failed to deliver first time – and how often?  Find all the answers you’re looking for.

Check freight rates

Our platform automatically compares your rates with carrier prices. So if there are any deviations, you know about it instantly – without having to check every invoice by hand.

Shipping insurance
Recover all your losses

Worried about the cost of lost or damaged parcels? Use the Click’n’Claim feature to insure every delivery. All carriers, destinations and shipment types. Complete peace of mind.

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Claim in a couple of clicks

Click’n’Claim instantly calculates and displays the premium for your approval. So you don’t have to waste any time on the phone to insurance companies or carriers.

48 hours to compensation

Forget long, drawn-out damage claims. Compensation will be transferred from our insurance partner to your account in two days or less.

Integrate your key systems

Too many solutions? Too little control? Plug what you’ve got into nShift DeliveryHub and get everything working in perfect harmony.

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