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Functionality Description Essential Professional Premium
Parcel validation Ensure that each parcel is shipped according to each carrier's specifications.
Minimize errors and reduce costs.
Yes Yes Yes
Address book Create and maintain your senders and receivers manually, via API, or by file import.
Streamline your process and work more efficiently.
Yes Yes Yes
Shipment booking Book shipments, and possibly pickup, and inform carriers, according to each carrier’s specifications. Minimize errors and reduce costs. Yes Yes Yes
Label printing Print labels and other shipping documents, or store them for later printing, according to each carrier’s specification.
Minimize errors and reduce costs.
Yes Yes Yes
Print return label Create physical or PDF return labels.
Facilitate returns and gain customer trust.
Yes Yes Yes
Shipment status Retrieve status events initiated by carriers, in the user interface or via API.
Reduce support workload and enhance customer experience.
Yes Yes Yes
Track and Trace Let your customers track shipments from one single webpage, regardless of carrier.
Reduce support workload and enhance customer experience.
Yes Yes Yes
Shipment history See shipments, in an overview or in detail, created over the past six months, using an advanced search engine. Follow up on costs and delivery flow. Yes Yes Yes
Integration Integrate your ERP, WMS, and e-commerce solutions with nShift Delivery using REST API or standardized XML files. Work more smoothly and be prepared as the business grows. Yes Yes Yes
Print and search favorites Use favorites to adapt and limit alternatives when creating shipments or searching the shipment history.
Streamline recurring tasks and save time.
Yes Yes Yes
Item directory Include item information when registering a parcel or shipment.
Work more efficiently and save time.
Yes Yes Yes
Batch printing of labels Print shipments containing the same shipping information for a group of receivers.
Reduce errors and save time.
No Yes Yes
Shipment notifications Send email pre-notifications containing shipment and tracking information immediately after the label has been printed.
Reduce support workload and enhance customer experience.
No Yes Yes
Link to print Send an email with a link for a shipment/return label, instead of attaching a PDF or printing it yourself and sending it by mail.
Save time and increase the level of service.
No Yes Yes
Price enquiry and review Calculate the estimated shipment price using selected carriers’ own services and retrieve estimated prices saved in the shipment history.
Forecast costs and facilitate statistical monitoring.
No Yes Yes
Branded notifications Add your company's logo, an offer, or an ad to your pre-notifications or track and trace site.
Increase sales and reduce churn.
No No Yes
Shipment consolidation Work continuously with a single shipment by adding parcels one by one.
Reduce delivery costs and simplify tracking.
No No Yes
Shipment reports Generate scheduled reports of your shipment history as well as delivery time reports.
Control your delivery flow and shorten lead times.
No No Yes
Guest access Share certain shipment information, such as shipment history, with someone outside your organization.
Improve customer and partner collaboration.
No No Yes
Profile management
10 or 30 profiles
Give different parts of your organization their own views by controlling user rights and access to information.
Increase security and make work procedures more efficient.
No Add-on Add-on
Shipment history extract Order extracts from the shipment archive that holds records up to five years.
Follow up on cost and delivery flow.
Add-on Add-on Add-on


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