UK consumer home delivery review 2021

UK consumer home delivery review 2021

We’re delighted to sponsor this year’s IMRG’s UK Consumer Home Delivery Review, 2021/22 and see how customers’ delivery expectations are evolving especially after these unusual past two years.

We are constantly striving to understand and meet our customers’ needs and sponsoring this survey from IMRG takes us closer in offering the best solutions to do that.

It’s clear that 2020 has made its mark on online sales with an increase of more than 37% (source: IMRG report). When Covid-19 lockdowns temporarily closed non-essential shops, consumers was left with no other choice than to do their shopping online, which meant that online consumers got more experienced and aware and retailers had to take their e-shop to the next level in order not to lose customers. At nShift, we offer our retailers an end-to-end platform that helps them do that.


Key Takeaways

Perception, Satisfaction & Loyalty

How has consumer sentiment changed across the years and specifically after the pandemic.

Delivery Information & Returns

What is the customer expecting from retailers and what constitutes a good return policy.

Environmental Factors & Looking To The Future

How important is green delivery to the consumer and what can we expect from the future of delivery.

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