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Apotea delivers an ever better customer experience with My Parcels

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One of the brightest stars in the Scandinavian ecommerce market, with EUR 250 million+ annual revenues, Apotea has always been a logistics innovator. Their latest collaboration with nShift and the My Parcels app has taken customer delivery to the next level.

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The challenge

Apotea’s success as an ecommerce business has been built on a strong customer focus and a commitment to breaking new ground in logistics. As far as they are concerned, the purchase is not completed when the customer clicks “buy”. In fact, this is the point when the purchase experience really begins. 

To enhance the delivery experience even further, Apotea wanted to offer their customers a simple way to track all their parcel shipments, without having to navigate their way around lots of different web pages or apps.

 As Apotea’s Managing Director, Pär Svärdson, explains: “As a consumer, you don’t want an app from PostNord, another app from DHL and a third from Bring. By the same measure, you don’t want one app from Apotea and a different app from Zalando.”

Solving this challenge led to a groundbreaking partnership between Apotea, nShift and the My Parcels app.


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The solution

My Parcels is an app provided by nShift in close collaboration with several of the major carriers in the market. The idea is simple. It enables end customers to track every parcel they get delivered from a webshop through a single app, regardless of carrier.

Apotea’s partnership with nShift and the My Parcels app means that Apotea customers can now follow their deliveries directly and see all relevant statuses from each carrier. They can also provide feedback on each delivery experience through the app, which Apotea uses to further enhance their customer offering. Plus the app helps Apotea build its brand by highlighting the company’s logo alongside each carrier’s.

“The advantage of having full control over the shipment experience,” Pär Svärdson explains, “is that customers do not feel abandoned after pressing the ‘Buy’ button. They feel like they have closer contact with us because statuses are sent the entire time, they can follow their order and ultimately leave feedback when the product has been delivered.”

“The fact that you get everything in one app and not just a bunch of emails ties together the experience very well.” 

                                                       Pär Svärdson, Managing Director at Apotea

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