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Dermosil was an early e-commerce pioneer, launching its first online store back in 1996. Today, the company continues to innovate, using nShift Delivery and nShift Checkout to find new ways to meet customer needs.

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Delivery and Checkout integrated with ERP, DL Prime

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The Background

Dermosil was already using nShift Delivery to book transports, send EDI and print shipping labels for packages, and simplify and speed up their warehouse management. When they switched to online store platform, Litium, they saw an opportunity to enhance their process even further – by offering customers multiple delivery options at checkout.

We saw the possibilities offered by [nShift Checkout] right away. We can now add carriers and transport services to the checkout ourselves, instead of needing to go through the webshop provider.

  • Ann-Sofie Strand
  • Dermosil

The Solution

With nShift Checkout, Dermosil have been able to achieve their goal of improving the visualization of delivery selection at checkout and providing more delivery options. Their customers regularly request new transport services. Now Dermosil can prove they are listening, easily adding new carriers and services without adding complexity to the online store or to their ERP.

Ann-Sofie Strand at Dermosil explains: “There are a lot of different logistics companies out there today, and when our customers ask for something, we want to try it out. Now we can easily add a carrier and see if they work out. In some cases, it hasn’t worked and then we can simply remove them again. We’ve also tried selling a service cheaper for a while to see how customers react. We’re really happy that we are now able to be so flexible.”

Customers are sensitive to changes, but when it comes to freedom of choice at checkout, Dermosil hasn’t had any negative feedback. Quite the opposite, in fact. 

Our customers usually get in touch if they think a change is bad. But we haven’t heard anything negative about nShift Checkout. The silence from our customers about this is a really good sign.

Ann-Sofie Strand      Dermosil

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