Meet nShift @ Supply Chain Innovations 

14 March 2024 | Antwerp, Belgium




Why attend Supply Chain Innovations

Join us at Supply Chain Innovations and unlock the knowledge, connections, and solutions necessary to drive your supply chain forward. Don't miss this opportunity to stay at the forefront of industry advancements and elevate your competitive edge.

Efficiency Boost: Orac's nShift Success Story

Hear from Thomas Nyssen, the Group Operations Director at Orac about how nShift helped them increase efficiency in their talk about "Automation and integration of shipping processes to increase efficiency" at 14.30 - 15.10 in Session Room 6.

Meet nShift at Supply Chain Innovations

While you're at Supply Chain Innovations, make sure to have a chat with our team. They are looking forward to sharing how you can grow and expand your business through delivering the greatest customer experience from checkout to delivery and returns.

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